KOSM Premiere "The Esoteric Order"

October 23, 2018, a month ago

Combining influences from Tool, Mastodon, The Agonist, Gojira and A Perfect Circle; Vancouver progressive metal band Kosm's sound is dynamic and unquestionably lethal. Since their induction in 2016, they have been making their mark on Vancouver’s metal scene and beyond with cover videos along with singles "Ancient Heart" and "Space Mead". Set to unleash their debut album Cosmonaut, a release loosely based on themes from stories by H.P. Lovecraft and others, the band is ready to be reveal here on BraveWords their new lyric video for their next single "The Esoteric Order". Cosmonaut will be released on November 16th and available on all major digital platforms.

The band explains Cosmonaut:

"Cosmonaut is a concept album loosely based on the weird-fiction of HP Lovecraft, and borrowing concepts from the science-fiction of Frank Herbert, and Roger Zelazny. The album follows a cosmonaut on a cosmic journey through time and space; from the earthly confines of mortal life, to ascendancy as an immaterial and omnipotent being. The cosmonaut's journey is essentially symbolic, serving as a commentary on the human experience: a journey from confusion and anger, to transcendence and self-understanding."

And the story behind the track "The Esoteric Order":

"The cosmonaut finds themselves marooned at a monastery in the stars. This monastery is of the Esoteric Order. They offer the space mead as a means to push forwards. The cosmonaut initially refuses, hoping to avoid the mind-altering properties of the mead, but ultimately accepts, realizing there is no other way forward."

With even more material in the works and future albums planned, Kosm summons you to join them on this journey full of experimental and progressive metal.

For those in the Vancouver area, Kosm will be hosting their CD release concert at Pub 340 on Saturday, November 17th with local support from OmnisighT, Truent, and Opus Arise.


“Space Mead”
“Wolves Upon The Throne”
“The Esoteric Order”
“Ancient Heart”
“Fiefdom In The Sky”
“Wza – Y’ei”

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