OMINOUS ECLIPSE Premieres "Breaking The Chains"

December 4, 2018, 10 days ago

Drawing their inspiration from a wide variety of genres, Ominous Eclipse is a brutal quartet that create a unique hybrid sound with death metal being the main aspect combined with elements of thrash, groove, black, melodic, etc. Unleashing their sophomore album Sinister this past September, the band have put together a new lyric video for their track "Breaking The Chains" premiered exclusively here on BraveWords.

For those in the Ottawa area, Ominous Eclipse will be performing on December 11th opening for The Faceless, Rings Of Saturn, Vales Of Pnath and more at Mavericks. More information here.

The band comments: "There's no concept or theme on this album so all the songs have different meaning. The title track itself divulges into the inevitable end to humanity and potentially the world with it. It discusses the issues around the globe and also addresses the ignorance and selfishness of those indirectly affected by the chaos. It has a strong "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" theme in regards to how people can turn their backs on those in need in order to save their own skin, which ironically will lead to our end as it causes people to turn on each other. Musically for this album, you will notice we have evolved from the first release and have moved away from thrashy overtones to become more diverse including more heavily stated melodic and technical with a solid groove and death foundation."


"Sinister" video:

"Spiral Into Insanity" lyric video:

"The Horde":

(Photo - Max Southwood)

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