ANVIL - The Good, Bad And The Ugly; A History Lesson From LIPS Part III

June 3, 2013, 4 years ago

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ANVIL frontman Steve "Lips" Kudlow continues his journey through the band's catalog in a feature exclusively for BraveWords readers called The Good, Bad And The Ugly. Check out part I here and Part II here. Part III begins with 2002's Still Going Strong.

Still Going Strong (2002 / Hypnotic and Massacre)

Good: "We got to play in Greece just before recording and used the Greek influence on the cover art as well as taking a picture in front of the Parthenon in Athens for the inside sleeve of the CD."

Bad: "The sound of this CD is not as good as the previous and was recorded differently than previous albums."

Ugly: "Ugly was the dead beaver that the neighbor of Pierre shot...during our recording in the mountains of Quebec."

Back to Basics (2004 / Attic)

Good: "Doing what ever we could to continue with very little money."

Bad: "Not being able to afford more time to record was bad."

Ugly: "Our record label was hurting so bad from the loss of sales due to free downloading, it got down right ugly!"

This is Thirteen (2007 / Independent)

Good: "The onset of creating Anvil! The Story Of Anvil and it's success..When we had just about finished writing This Is Thirteen we had been filming our progress. It was a period of great hope, we had secured our original producer from our early years (Chris Tsangarides) and were set to record in the UK. The release happened as we finished filming and were in the editing process of the movie. By the time the movie made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival we began selling the CDs to the movie goers. Thirteen is known as a bad luck number but the truth is according to astronomical and mythological belief that it's an end to something and a new rebirth or beginning of something new. This is what it meant for Anvil…"

Bad: "People thought Anvil was a fictional band, and we took them by surprise when we played in the theaters as the movie ended."

Ugly: "The look of jealousy and envy from some people after the success was really ugly."

Juggernaut of Justice (2011 / The End Records)

Good: "Anvil toured all over the world and people felt this CD was the best music we've done since the early years. We got a new producer Bob Marlette who brought Anvil a renewed sound. The quality of the songs seemed to have improved. It was more of a result of having to reach for new heights that propelled us onward."

Bad: "This was Glenn Five's final recording with Anvil."

Ugly: "Disheartened by not fulfilling his personal desires, Glenn quit the band."

Hope in Hell (2011 / The End Records)

Good: "The writing and recording went extremely smooth, probably the best ever. In creating this CD the great song writing lessons Bob Marlette taught us on our last cd were put to amazing use this time around. Along with this, we brought in a new bass player Sal Italiano an old friend of ours who gave a very clear and decisive sound to the bass guitar playing on this recording. As the title suggests there just might be Hope in Hell."

Bad: "Nothing yet!!!"

Ugly: "My impatience for waiting to play is getting really really ugly!!!"

Hope In Hell was recently reviewed by BraveWords' "Metal" Tim Henderson here.

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