BraveWords' Mascot HENDRIX R.I.P.

March 17, 2016, 2 years ago

"Metal" Tim Henderson

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BraveWords' Mascot HENDRIX R.I.P.

We are heartbroken at BraveWords as our mascot of nearly 12 years has passed away. Hendrix, the adorable black pug that helped us wave the flag of hard rock and heavy metal, died on March 9th from lymphoma.

Hendrix saw the final days of BW&BK Magazine first hand (paw!) and witnessed the incredible growth of He was named after arguably the greatest guitarist that ever lived. And Hendrix held a vital role in the company. Being “Metal” Tim’s shadow, he was our sounding board and part of the editorial approval process when it came to interviews, news, reviews etc. He had one helluva ear for music; one bark meant yea, two meant nay!

And right now he’s drinking bourbon and doing interviews with all of our fallen heroes whether they be in heaven or hell!

And BraveWords’ last chat with Jimi’s sister Janie Hendrix (Experience Hendrix CEO in charge of the estate), Hendrix the pug was mentioned, so rock ‘n’ roll royalty even knows him! May you walk forever on that Rainbow Bridge!

“Metal” Tim talks about the impact Hendrix (above photo at Helix singer Brian Vollmer's house!) had on his life and the BraveWords family:

“You are the only thing he knows.” Those words still echo loudly in my head. It was from my first vet when Hendrix came into my life. And to this day I don’t think I will ever meet somebody that depended on me. And somebody I truly depended on.

I’m writing this heartfelt tribute to the “person” that has spent the most time with me in my life. That never-ending bond of love, devotion and innocence. A sacred relationship that only dog-lovers can relate to. Think about Han Solo and Chewbacca, minus the weapons! And his face, always reminded me of a mix between Yoda (Star Wars) and Cornelius (Planet Of The Apes).

I know it’s cliche, but “man’s best friend” doesn’t say enough about the relationship between animal and human being. Everyone’s breed is their favourite breed. But pugs - of Chinese origin hundreds of years ago - were quite famous with royalty. Their friendly, loving demeanour and that noble walk. Hendrix walked this earth like he owned it. Stubborn as all hell, but he smelled the roses. Something I tried to learn from him during his near 12 years on this fine earth. And the snoring. How such sounds can envelope a room! And the glorious sounds of heavy metal lulled him to sleep! The power of a pug!

Hendrix has been my shadow, the ultimate companion through thick and thin! When I picked him up at a breeder in Brockville, Ontario (coincidentally close to Ottawa and inches from where my mother would spend summers on the St. Lawrence River as a child!) he barely fit in my two hands. I still can’t figure out why he barked at all emergency sirens when he was born on a farm distant from any such sound. Maybe it was the high pitch? I’d like to think that since he was always at my side, maybe he felt the need to assist when sirens rang in the air. The five hour drive back home to Toronto was filled with hard rock and pee breaks! He had no idea what metal world he would grow up in.

Sadly Hendrix had health issues from early on. He was the “runt” of the litter and had the mange (fur disease) real young, so was used to weekly baths and seemed to love the spa treatment. And because pugs have a pressed in face, their eyes are susceptible to injury and we nearly lost one of them due to a scratched cornea. In fact there was a time when we were medicating both of his eyes. And then his hind legs started to lose power and stability. That was last spring and we thought he was doomed. But his “wheels of steel” kept him going a bit longer. Almost a year later he was still that pug with attitude and conviction. Although he was the ultimate fighter to the end, lymphoma had started to attack his entire body. He was having issues breathing and in his final days wouldn’t eat a morsel.

But his memory remains…

Hendrix will be missed by all of of us here at BraveWords. And his rock n’ roll spirit still echoes loud and proud.

So rest in peace Hendrix. Perhaps not that peaceful, ‘cause the spirit of rock n’ roll should never be laid to rest.

(Hendrix getting his final rays the day before his passing)


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