IN SOLITUDE - Sister Twisting Metal Conventions

October 17, 2013, 3 years ago

By Mark Gromen

in solitude feature

Rare occurrence, actually wearing a t-shirt I'd purchased, to said band's performance. Yes, I'm an IN SOLITUDE fan! Following a likeable set from TRIBULATION, the Sister album artwork was hung as a backdrop. Pelle Åhman led the young Swedes through a seven song set that was evenly (as possible) split between sampling the new album and revisiting older works. Lit in pink/red, they opened with 'Demons', a call to 80 traditional bands like MERCYFUL FATE. The frontman has ditched the dead fox stole and corpsepaint, perhaps indicative of the new musical direction (esoteric and progressive leaning).

However, Åhman is much more self-assured onstage, no longer lingering in the back, when he practically hid from the audience, or repeatedly ran in circles: anything to avoid eye contact. Appropriately, 'Lavender' was colored as such. 'To Her Darkness' saw the frontman, hair still draped down his face, swaying back n forth, headbanging madly. That old school art was lost on most. The seemingly Chris Goss/MASTERS OF REALITY approved melody in 'A Buried Sun' shows the aforementioned change in direction. Between songs, Åhman threw down a bottle of water. 'Sister' began under purple lights, then added reds, leading into the 'Witches Sabbath' finale. Attitude supercedes technicality and the band are the better for it, at least onstage. Impressive array of merch too, including throwback baseball shirts, off-white tees and even one with all three touring bands' logos. Support the band, buy something.

Photos from Philadelphia can be seen here.

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