KREATOR, DEATH ANGEL Fly The Flag Of Hate In Melbourne - United Nations Thrash Tour Report, Photos

April 23, 2014, 3 years ago

Special report by Maria Nayef

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Both KREATOR and DEATH ANGEL have been sorely missed from Australian shores and now they have returned, this time to deliver fresh offerings from their most recent albums Phantom Antichrist and The Dream Calls For Blood, alongside their staple hits to devoted fans Down Under – and what a welcome they received on the first stop of their five-city Aussie leg of the United Nations Thrash Tour ­– playing to a rambunctious, capacity crowd at Melbourne's 170 Russell, that gave just as much energy as it received.

As expected it was a dynamic and very sweaty affair, teeming with the power and aggressiveness one would expect from two bands representing the very finest of Teutonic and Bay Area thrash. Kreator and Death Angel were in magnificent form, expertly headbanging their way through lengthy setlists that boasted both classic and modern anthems, delivering a brutal, exhilarating live show that awed and inspired. “Take no heed of naysayers,” Death Angel frontman Mark Osegueda told the crowd, “follow your own path,” before launching into 'The Dream Calls for Blood'.

Kreator’s Mille Petrozza gave an earnest middle fingers up to politics and manipulation, saying he was a firm believer that music brought people from different cultures together, and when it was time to plant the 'Flag Of Hate' he effortlessly whipped the crowd into a frenzy, as he had for the duration of the entire show. It was a night you could say had a theme of hate, but one which led the audience to walk away feeling only a sense of comradeship and community. “This night was perfect,” Petrozza told the sold-out crowd; he had warned Australian fans that they should be prepared to “have their faces ripped off,” and they did, and they revelled in it.

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