THE INFINITE STAIRCASE - Rockers Band Together For Hurricane Sandy Charity Song

March 14, 2013, 4 years ago

By Kelley Simms

the infinite staircase feature

When tragedy strikes, there’s nothing stronger than when the hard rock/heavy metal community joins together for a good cause.

And that’s exactly what brothers Jeff and Lenny Cerzosie of the Staten Island rock band THE INFINITE STAIRCASE did. They wrote and recorded an original song to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast in late October. The brothers enlisted  some very influential musicians for the cause. Among those who lent a helping hand were Zakk Wylde and John JD DeServio of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, drummer Morgan Rose of SEVENDUST and vocalist Kevin Martin of CANDLEBOX.

The single, “The Pride,” is melodic but edgy with a strengthening message and an uplifting chorus. It’s available on itunes with the  proceeds going to the Carl Vincent Vini Memorial Foundation charity, which will then be distributed to those people in need.

The local musicians involved felt they had to do something for their community and people who were affected by the hurricane. The Cerzosie brothers have been friends with Martin for quite awhile and their band has opened for Candlebox before. It was a natural fit to have Martin’s melodic and soaring vocals on the song.

“Initially they had sent me a track that was just music,” Martin said.  “But as I was flying on a plane (to the studio) I got an e-mail message from Jeff saying Morgan didn’t like that song and wanted to do something different. So they sent me four other tracks that they had that Morgan had produced for them and I picked this one. Musically, I thought it was a great song but I thought we needed to get rid of the lyrics because they didn’t represent the song that they were talking about; the people of New Jersey, New York and Staten Island. So when I got there, we pulled the vocals out and Morgan, myself, Jeff and Lenny and JD sat down and sculpted the lyrics. Morgan came up with the melody for the chorus and we all knocked this thing out in one day. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to work with everybody and how easily the song came together. I was really kind of surprised.”

Zakk Wylde then went to work and did what he does best and nailed his solos.

“He was supposed to come to the studio and track there but he had some thing he was playing at so he didn’t make it to the studio. But he had input on the song and the solo was what he tracked in his home studio. JD walked him through everything and explained to him what we were looking for and where we were looking to put the parts and the pieces. I think he did a great job. I’d love to work with that guy, he has mad talent.”

Martin and the rest of the musicians briefly talked about doing something more beyond this song if their schedules will permit it, as all the musicians are involved in their own bands. Perhaps a full-length album might be on the horizon, Martin said.

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