November 30, 2016, 2 years ago

Thomas Mazerolles

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Children Of Bodom back in Montreal in less than a year? Abbath for a performance with songs of his new solo project after a very nice show at Heavy Montreal in 2015? Sounds like a good evening to come in Montreal at the Metropolis. Sadly I arrived after ONI when Exmortus started to warm up the venue with their classic trash/death metal.

Abbath is like the happy father of black metal and most of the people tonight are here for him without a doubt. He has played a lot with his image (snow balls, scarves and other crazy stuff at the merch) and he is still a showman! We even had the pleasure to hear some Immortal and I songs! Definitely the show of the night!

Children Of Bodom is really the kind of band that is always on the road. It actually was the second time this year in Montreal therefore most of the fans were expecting something new for this tour, something that did not happen. The music is still there but the guys do not seem to be in the mood anymore. The stage set was almost the same and Alexi Laiho was far off Abbath’s energy. Tired of the tour? It was the second night (November 24th), come on! Hopefully with their next album, they will come fresh with something to show the public on stage.

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