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September 12, 2017, a year ago

Mark Gromen

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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Triumph And Agony album, this all too short string of US dates saw stop #2 at BB King's, just off Times Square. Playing the album in its entirety (although not sequentially), aided by Tommy Bolan, the Warlock guitarist who played it originally, many Doro highlights actually date back to her time fronting said outfit, as opposed to her solo career: "Fur Immer", “Metal Tango”, "East Meets West", "All We Are" and "East Meets West", long part of the setlist, all trace back to Triumph And Agony. The initial portion of the show (first hour) is reserved for album material, after which Ms. Pesch took requests shouted from the crowd, provided Bolan (drafted solely for this tour) was up to speed with that number.

"Touch Of Evil" kicks things off, but the audience energy picks up with "I Rule The Ruins" and "East Meets West" paired back-to-back. Doro probably slapped every hand in the place tonight, singing right into the faces of those down front, despite cell phones, cameras and hands thrust right into her visage. Throughout, she repeatedly gave the crowd a chance to sing along, mic in hand. Even an overzealous fan, his arm embracing the singer, hand on her back, pulling her towards the pit, didn't keep Doro from her devotees. "Three Minute Warning" is being played for the first time since '88 and apart from two solitary airings in Europe, the moody, keyboard begun "Kiss OF Death" has never been attempted, since its release, 30 years ago. It goes nicely with the German sung "Fur Immer", where mainstay bassist Nick Douglas handles one of the sets of keyboards, positioned at opposite ends of the stage. Clapping along, the crowd offers their voices for the titular chorus. The Fu-Manchu mustached Bolan gets a histrionic, effects laden solo spotlight, demonstrating a heavier, fuzzy tone, atypical of Doro's solo career. The whole band returns for "Cold, Cold World" before "Make Time For Love". Longtime Doro pal/collaborator Jean Beauvoir enjoyed himself from the crowd. 

"Metal Tango" received backing vocals from Douglas and guitarist Luca Princiotta. Speaking of additional voices, drummer Johnny Dee strapped on a bar mic headset, prior to "All We Are", during which Doro allows drunk, tone deaf members of the audience "sing" (scream/mangle?) the title phrase into the mic, for all to hear. The song ends with the stringed instruments all held aloft, swung violently. Thus concluded Triumph And Agony, literally. First crowd offered suggestion was a fist thrusting "True As Steel", Doro snapping her torso forward, each lunge whipping her blond mane over her face. Onstage, Bolan and Doro sing together. After the Triumph And Agony stuff, can hear in "Burning The Witches" how corporate record labels change bands, as there's a vibrant urgency (speed and heaviness) not found once signed to Polygram (or its sub-labels). The segue directly into "Fight For Rock" (without any request). "Hellbound" was another sure bet ("Metal Racer" being the only Warlock number left uncalled from the bingo card tonight), completed with frenzied head shaking all around. Saving some of the speediest material till the end, Dee's thunderous drumming came through loud & clear on "Earthshaker Rock", Bolan taking the lead break. While that was supposed to be the final track (something about up against the clock, the club apparently trying to clear the place before 10:30), Doro took another request, the oddball inclusion of "Night Of The Warlock", from her '09 Fear No Evil solo effort. Since Bolan participated in the 25th Anniversary concert, he was up to the chance (can't believe they prepped that one for the tour, otherwise) and the sneaky chanteuse managed yet one last song (no, not her often performed cover of Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law", but "We Are The Metalheads") the Wacken anthem (a festival almost no one in the room has any real connection to, yet was still rather than take a bow and race offstage, she continued to shake hands with fans down front, even signing a few autographs, as her handlers appeared from backstage and attempted to usher her away. Maybe that last song should be re-titled "We Are The Metaheads And We Love Doro" Know she adores her fans!

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