IRON MAIDEN - Still Energized After 40 Years

April 8, 2016, 2 years ago

Joe Kleon

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Iron Maiden is a metallic powerhouse that has reigned supreme in the world of heavy metal for more than 30 years. After more than 2,000 shows and worldwide sales of 90 million records, this juggernaut could easily rest on it’s laurels and do the obligatory ‘greatest hits tour.’ However, they would rather do the opposite. Their latest release, 2015’s The Book Of Souls, is the most featured album on this current tour, comprising six of the night’s 15 tracks.

This tour finds the band sounding as good and energized as ever, despite Dickinson’s recent and serious health issues. Bruce was the usual manic madman on stage. Few vocalists command the front position like Bruce. His voice was stong and dynamic. He was happy and on top of his game. The three guitar force of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers produced such a wall of sound, the triple guitar attack sometimes overpowered the bass and drums. The frantic but precise bass mastery of Steve Harris and the wickedly talented and tasteful percussion of Nicko McBrain add a rhythm section that is unparalled in the metallic world.

While the six songs featured from Book Of Souls are well written and nicely executed live, it was the classic tracks that raised the energy level of the arena to a boiling point. “Children Of The Damned”, “The Trooper”, “Powerslave”, Hallowed Be Thy Name”, The Number Of The Beast”, and the band’s signature track had the audience on their feet, screaming the words and loving every second. Some say a band is only as good as its last gig. If this is true, Iron Maiden are as good as they have ever been.

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SKÁLMÖLD - "Sverðið" (Napalm)

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