TOOL Return To Montreal!

June 5, 2017, 2 years ago

Thomas Mazerolles

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It has been easily 10,000 days since the last time Tool came to Montreal and if not really that much, then it was way too long anyhow. The aura of this band is really incredible, no new material since that amazing 10,000 days from 2006; few live performances over the past years and yet here they play in front of a sold out Bell Center. 

Tool is really a matter of music. One does not come to the show and expect to see the guys jumping around, asking for circle pit or stage diving. All the musicians do not really communicate with the crowd; they focus on their art and the ambiance. As of Maynard James Keenan, one can hardly distinguish him at the back of the stage, being the only with not lights on him. 

At first, the stage set seems pretty sober but when the introduction to “Parabola” starts, the machine gets in and the audience enters another world, a new state that only a band like Tool can create. Mesmerizing lights, lasers and a huge background with videos really takes over the light presence of the band on stage. The most incredible setup surely was the hypnotizing “Jambi”. Unfortunately, the Bell Center is not known for the purity of its sound, the voice of Maynard was sometimes difficult to hear.  

A very surprising event was this twelve minute intermission that really killed the vibe, strange for a one and a half hour show… But it does not matter, the band came back with a couple songs before finishing on the hit “Stinkfist” from the amazing Ænima. A really nice show if one forgets the frustration of not seeing Maynard throughout the duration of the set, let’s hope they will be back soon with some new material! 

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