A CANOROUS QUINTET Discography To Be Re-Released

March 25, 2013, 4 years ago

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Cyclone Empire has announced the re-release of renowned Swedish melodic death metal act A CANOROUS QUINTETs full discography. The Quintessence comes as a double CD with massive booklet and extensive liner-notes. Besides the two classic albums (originally released in 1996 and 1998) two previously unreleased and complete new songs from 2012 will be included. For complete tracklist and artwork see below.

Silence Of The World Beyond (1996)

'Silence Of The World Beyond'

'Naked With Open Eyes'


'The Orchid´s Sleep'

'The Black Spiral'

'The Last Journey'

'In The Twilight Of Fear'

'Burning, Emotionless'

'Dream Reality'


'Silence Of The World Beyond' (Live)

'Reflections Of The Mirror' (2012)


'Welcome To Your End' (2012-unreleased)

The Only Pure Hate (1998)

'Selfdeceiver (The Purest Of Hate)

'Embryo Of Lies'


'The Void'


'The Complete Emptiness'


'Realm Of Rain'

'The Storm'

'Land Of The Lost'


'Land Of The Lost' (Demo 1997)

'Revert To Life' (Demo 1997)

As Tears (1995)

'Through Endless Illusions'

'The Joy Of Sorrow'

'When Happiness Dies'


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MYRKUR - "Måneblôt” (Relapse)

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METALITE - "Afterlife"

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