AC/DC - Guitarist GABRIEL GUARDIAN Controls Tesla Coils For Electrifying Cover Of "Thunderstruck"; Video

September 10, 2018, 7 months ago

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 AC/DC - Guitarist GABRIEL GUARDIAN Controls Tesla Coils For Electrifying Cover Of "Thunderstruck"; Video

28 years ago today, on September 10th, 1990, AC/DC released their single "Thunderstruck" from the album The Razors Edge. Now, since it's the future and whatnot, the technology finally exists to perform this epic tune as intended: with real lightning bolts! What you are about to hear is live electricity... no amplifiers, no speakers. Just the sound of lightning bolts coming off a Tesla Coil controlled in real time by Gabriel Guardian’s guitar and keyboard via midi processing wizardry from the brilliant minds at ArcAttack and Conner Labs.

The collaboration between virtuosic guitar/keyboard talent Gabriel Guardian and performance artist / Tesla Coil fabricators, ArcAttack, came to be after the two creatives discovered that they both resided in the same city, Austin, Texas. Following a few performances together ArcAttack asked Guardian if he would help demonstrate some new technology they were working on with Conner Labs out of the UK. The result is this “electrifying” arrangement of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck that was filmed live and recorded with only one microphone picking up the room audio of the sound produced by the Tesla coil. This is what electricity sounds like. To see a further explanation of the science/technology behind the performance check out this previous video where they speak more in depth about the process.

See more of ArcAttack and their incredible work with Tesla Coils at, and

Learn more about Conner Labs’ “The Tesla Fuzz”, a pedal used as an interface for connecting an electric guitar to a Tesla coil at

Immortal Guardian - the Texas-based “super metal” quartet featuring guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian and vocalist Carlos Zema (ex-Outworld) - recently premiered a music video for their new song, “Aeolian”. The clip, which BraveWords premiered, includes footage of the group's high-energy live performances during their recent summer tour. Check it out below.


“Trail Of Tears”
“Never To Return”
“State Of Emergency”

“Aeolian” video:

“Zephon” lyric video:

Catch Immortal Guardian on tour this month with thrash metal aficionados Exmortus and Hatchet.

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