AC/DC Guitarist To Make Cameo Appearance In Upcoming Football Film

February 13, 2006, 14 years ago

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According to AC/DC News, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young will have a cameo appearance in the new Australian movie Goal! 3 - not the same Goal movie that AC/DC singer Brian Johnson had made a cameo in last year. Also featured in the Hollywood film is Australia's World Cup soccer team and local fans. Australian producer Matt Barrelle, who has been a soccer fan all his life, is behind the film.

"We shoot Goal! 3 at the World Cup this year and we have actually changed the script, rolling a bit of Australia in there," said Barrelle, who grew up in Bondi but now lives in Los Angeles. "So you will see Australia on the big screen, especially the fan element."

The first film in the Goal trilogy opens nationally this month, following the story of aspiring American soccer player Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker).

Munez heads to England to try his luck there and manages to score a spot on the Newcastle United team.

"When I was a kid I did play football (soccer) at school but I was obviously nothing close to a professional football player," said lead actor Becker, who is one of Latin America's biggest young stars.

"So I really had to train a lot of hours every day to get ready for this."

Barrelle said Australia's World Cup entry would definitely help the film.

"I am so happy we got in," said Barrelle, 34.

"We didn't plan this in the beginning and thought it was going to be a hard ride.

Barrelle predicts that by the end of 2006, soccer will be more popular in Australia than rugby union and AFL, but not rugby league.

"Because of the World Cup, football will jump from being the fourth most popular sport here into second spot," he said.

"I am sure it is going to come flying through."

Barrelle added that although underdogs, Australia had a "sneaky chance" of winning the World Cup.

Goal! features Australian soccer fans Anthony LaPaglia and AC/DC's Angus Young in cameos.

The film also had the support of FIFA, helping Barrelle secure international soccer stars David Beckham, Raul Gonzalez and Zinedine Zidane.

While Goal! is yet to open in Australia, production is nearly finished on Goal! 2 and pre-production on the third instalment is well underway.

"This is a great story with the backdrop being a professional footballer," said Barrelle.

"We knew we had enough story to create a trilogy."

Goal opens nationally in Australia on April 16.

(Thanks - The Sydney Morning Herald)

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