ACE FREHLEY - New Album Due Out In The Spring

December 20, 2008, 5 years ago

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Former KISS guitarist ACE FREHLEY was the featured guest on Eddie Trunk's Friday Night Rocks radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM as part of Eddie's yearly tradition of The Original Merry Kissmas Special. Frehley revealed that new album artwork will appear on his newly-launched website on January 5th. His long-awaited new album will be out next spring. With respect to the songs on forthcoming album, Frehley told BW&BK recently: “There’s a heavy rocker called ‘Pain In The Neck’. And actually, I wrote this song called ‘A Little Below The Angels’. That’s a bit more of a commercial one, with a catchy hook. There’s another song called ‘Genghis Khan’, which is kind of like, if I had to categorize it, it’s maybe a little like ‘Kashmir’ from LED ZEPPELIN, a slower kind of grooving track with a good melody. There’s a slower track, which also has a kind of commercial… you know, the word commercial has changed. It’s called ‘Change The World’, which is an interesting kind of track, probably different from anything I’ve ever done. In fact it is different from anything I’ve ever done. You know, I think people are going to dig it. It’s slower, something you could imagine hearing on the radio. My bass player Anthony Esposito, he’s been helping me with the record from the beginning. He is playing bass on all the tracks so far. Anton Fig is playing drums on most of the tracks. I’ve got my touring drummer Scot Coogan; he’s going to be on a couple of tracks on the record. And I don’t think I mentioned Derrek Hawkins, the other guitar player.”
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