ACE FREHLEY On New KISS Single - "I Thought It Was A Good Song; Paul's Always Been A Really Good Writer"

August 21, 2009, 9 years ago

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Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley recently discussed his new album, Anomaly, with Bob Suehs at Rock N Roll Experience. An excerpt from the interview is available below.

Q: Have you heard the new KISS single 'Modern Day Delilah'?

Ace Frehley: "Actually I did. I thought it was a good song. Paul's always been a really good writer and the only thing that I would say that the song didn't live up to was the fact that I believe they said that all the new songs were going to sound like stuff from the '70s and I didn't get that. The new song sounded like it could be something off an album they did in the '80s... that's what I got, but I thought it was a good song."

Q: What do you think of KISS selling their new cd exclusively through Wal-Mart?

Ace Frehley: It seems that more and more groups are going with major chains. I guess there's a plus to the fact that they'll give you a large advance, but the minus is the album is only available in that chain of stores. I guess there's pluses and minuses to everything, I mean, I entertained that idea, but, for me, I thought it was better that my album be available everywhere."

Go to this location for the complete interview. Click here for details on KISS' new single and album, including a link to the audio sample.

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