AFM To Release All For Metal III CD/DVD; Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

November 16, 2012, 4 years ago

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The popular AFM Records label compilation, All For Metal, continues with part 3. This time, All For Metal III includes even more video clip (36) on DVD and just like its predecessors, a bonus CD (15 tracks). Again this compilation will be available on November 30th for a special low price (suggest retail price 9,99 €).



ORDEN OGAN - 'The Things We Believe In'

U.D.O. - 'Leatherhead'

KISSIN' DYNAMITE - 'Money, Sex & Power'

MASTERPLAN - 'Time To Be King'

HEAVENLY - 'Fullmoon'

SHAKRA - 'Back On Track'

THE LAST VEGAS - 'Evil Eyes'

MORTON - 'Weeping Bell'

TRIOSPHERE - 'Marionette'

BRAINSTORM - 'In These Walls'

IRON MASK - 'God Punishes, I Kill'

CRYSTAL VIPER - 'Witch’s Mark'

AT VANCE - 'Facing Your Enemy'

WOLFPAKK - 'Reptiles Kiss'

SINNER - 'Back On Trail'

OZ - 'Dominator'

ELVENKING - 'The Loser'

NIGHTMARE - 'Sunrise In Hell'

EPYSODE - 'Obsessions'

STAHLMANN - 'Tanzmaschine'

A LIFE DIVIDED - 'Heart On Fire'

EISBRECHER - 'Eiszeit'

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - 'Unbreakable'

LAKE OF TEARS - 'House Of The Setting Sun'

THE NEW BLACK - 'The King I Was'

LYRIEL - 'Leverage'

ALL HAIL THE YETI - 'The Art Of Mourning'

BLACK MESSIAH - 'Windloni'

EKTOMORF - 'The One'

SOLUTION .45 - 'Gravitational Lensing'

FEAR FACTORY - 'The Industrialist'

MINISTRY - 'Ghouldiggers'

SUIDAKRA - 'Dowth 2059'

KORZUS - 'Truth'

ONSLAUGHT - 'The Sound Of Violence'

TANKARD - 'Rules For Fools'


BLOODBOUND - 'Metalheads Unite'

MOB RULES - 'Cannibal Nation'

IRON SAVIOR - 'Hall Of The Heroes'

DRAGONLAND - 'The Tempest'

VOODOO CIRCLE - 'King Of Your Dreams'

MAGICA - 'Center Of The Great Unknown'

ALMAH - 'Bullets On The Altar'

KRYPTOS - 'The Mask Of Anubis'

PARADOX - 'Brutalized'

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - 'Destroyer Of All'


THORMESIS - 'Sterbend Herz'

MERRIMACK - 'Gospel Of The Void'

BYFROST - 'Buried Alive'

VORE - 'The Unseen Hand'

Featured Audio

GRANNY 4 BARREL - "Freak Flag"

GRANNY 4 BARREL - "Freak Flag"

Featured Video

POWER QUEST - "Lords Of Tomorrow"

POWER QUEST - "Lords Of Tomorrow"

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