ALICE COOPER - Boston’s WZLX-FM Picks Up Nights With Alice Cooper

November 1, 2006, 10 years ago

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Politics might be the top water-cooler conversation this week, but don’t expect to hear it coming over the airwaves from shock-rocker ALICE COOPER, whose syndicated radio show has been picked up by Boston’s WZLX-FM.

“I don’t do politics. Hate politics,” said Cooper, who said rock and politics don’t mix. “Rock ’n’ roll is entertainment. Since when do we rockers know anything about politics?”

Cooper, 58, was a guest DJ early yesterday at WZLX (100.7), where his syndicated radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper, now airs on Saturday nights.

The granddad of theatrical metal performed at the Orpheum Sunday and ends his tour tonight - on Halloween - at Foxwoods. Cooper’s radio show was on just five stations when it debuted nearly three years ago. Now, it’s heard on more than 100 stations.

“I go to deeper music. I come from the ’60s, ’70s era and I think a lot of that classic rock gets lost. And with that, every single artist I play I know,” Cooper told the Herald yesterday. “I can tell stories about people that DJs can’t do. I can say things about artists that DJs can’t say. The artists I talk about are guys that know my sense of humor,” Cooper said.

Cooper doesn’t use bad language on the radio - or on stage. “It’s much funnier and much more clever to work clean,” he said.

Cooper’s show includes interviews with famous rockers and his opinions on the tracks he plays. Unlike other DJs, Cooper said he can flip through his Rolodex and call “the very same people that I’m playing.”

Cooper does his radio show from Arizona, where he lives with his wife of 30 years. When he tours - about five months a year - he takes the show on the road. While some rock legends have become reality TV stars, don’t expect the same of Cooper, even though he says his family would make great TV. Cooper’s wife is a trained ballerina and they’ve got three “very bright” kids.

“Hate reality TV. I totally am based in fantasy,” Cooper said, adding, “The only privacy I have is my house.”

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