ALICE COOPER - Uncle Alice Presents Kickstarter Campaign Launched

March 25, 2013, 4 years ago

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The launch of Uncle Alice Presents, a comic book and transmedia anthology series from Dark Matter Publishing LLC, is finally upon us.

The series features shock rock’s very own ALICE COOPER as the wacky, Crypt Keeper-like narrator, telling bizarre tales that are out of this world... literally - Uncle Alice lives in the underworld. Ever heard of a mad scientist snatching up beach babes and turning them into mermaids? Well, Uncle Alice has.

Uncle Alice was conceptualized by Dark Matter Publisher Tom Sheppard, the Emmy award-winning writer and show runner from Steven Spielberg’s Pinky and the Brain, co-creator and current writer, director, executive producer, and show runner on Cartoon Network’s hit show The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange.

It is a “best of breed” team on both the creative and production side, where former president of Dark Horse Entertainment Todd Moyer, who basically wrote the book on developing alternative and edgy comics into films, takes the lead.

Today, Dark Matter launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initiation of the project at this location.

Uncle Alice Presents is a shock-rock, genre-bending comic book series, graphic novel, and television pilot featuring the legendary Alice Cooper. Each issue tells a story of the grim and macabre seen through the eyes of Uncle Alice, the gatekeeper of the netherworld between heaven and hell. From paintings that seek revenge to mad scientists that crossbreed beach babes with fish, the things Uncle Alice will share are just plain creepy…like, they really creep him out.

Dark Matter has been working on developing Uncle Alice Presents’ Kickstarter campaign for months, seeking out the best writers, artist, and story lines for the project before launching. The company was initially hesitant to introduce such a huge project, but the recent successful VERONICA MARS Kickstarter has set their minds at ease. The campaign has set its goal at $200,000 to finance the series of twelve comic books, but if the Kickstarter reaches $500K, Dark Matter will also make the television pilot.

“Our goal is to bring our backers the greatest value for their pledges,” says company CEO Todd Moyer. “We’re asking as little as we possibly can to produce a large variety of original content. We’re also looking forward to giving backers the chance to be a part of the creative process by entering our story line creation contest.”

Dark Matter wants to make the campaign fun and interactive, which is why backers of $10 or more are allowed to submit a story idea to the creative team. At the end of the campaign, the creative team will choose 10 finalists for backers to vote on, and will make the winning idea into an issue of the comic book.

The ultimate goal is, of course, to turn Uncle Alice Presents into a television series, which can be previewed through original branded video content, which will be released on YouTube over the course of the month. “But first,” Moyer concludes, “let’s get the comics made!”

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