ALICE IN CHAINS - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Achieves #2 Chart Debuts In The US, Canada

June 5, 2013, 2 years ago

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ALICE IN CHAINS have landed at #2 on The Billboard 200 chart their fifth studio album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, selling 62,000 copies in it's first week out in the US. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here also lands on the Canadian Album Chart at #2.

“We don’t really have too big of a mission,” drummer Sean Kinney told BraveWords about the new material recently. “We try to write a bunch of songs, songs we like. The same way on every record, we write songs that we like, probably guided unintentionally by just where we are in life, and what people are kind of gravitating to or thinking about. Try to write songs, play some songs, and just decide which ones we all think are the best at the time, and record them and put them in a sequence that flows the way we want it to. Same goddamn selfish reasons we always do. You know, there’s very little... there’s no thought of anyone else. We just do what we do and just put it out, and you go through the hoops. You never realize it until you get to now. Oh, okay, talk about it, people start hearing it. You always want people to dig what you’re doing, but we’re kind of... we’re not a band designed for the masses, and we’ve learned that long ago. So we try live up to our standards of our bar that we set for ourselves, and if we don’t think we have it, I don’t think we’d be talking right now. We’re never in a position where we have to make a record on some timeline, where the record company has control and picks the singles. We’ve never been that group. We’ve always picked our singles, all the artwork we do, we do everything, and then work with the record label for their sake, and their infrastructure, and get it to people—if anybody wants it, then maybe they can get a hold of it. That’s how it works. I mean, we don’t have an A&R; guy picking singles. Who’s in rehearsals hearing out records. They hear them when we let them hear them. Not like they have a right to hear them.”

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