ALTER BRIDGE Upload Orlando Webisode; 10th Anniversary Box Set Trailer

October 24, 2013, 5 years ago

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ALTER BRIDGE has put together a new webisode, filmed in Orlando, FL, featuring the rehearsals for their current Fortress tour; it was directed and produced by Daniel E Catullo III.

In other news, January 2nd, 2014 will mark the ten-year anniversary of Alter Bridge. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the band is releasing a massive 27-disc box set titled AB X. It will contain 16 DVDs/Blu-Rays, 7 CDs, and 4 vinyl records.

Included are every CD and DVD the band has ever released, plus new discs of unreleased footage during the band's career and footage currently being shot on the Fortress Tour. It is an astonishing collection of their work all in one deluxe package. Each disc will be packaged inside the book on separate pages so you can keep your entire collection in one place.

The highlight of this limited edition collection is the coffee table book that measures 14" x 14" x 7". Beautifully bound with a hard cover and a metal medallion on the front, It consists of over 100 pages of exclusive photos and text reflecting back on the band's amazing 10 year career.

The inside text is written by music journalist Rick Florino and is a detailed reflection from the band's own view of their career. He has chronicled all the ups and downs they went through to get to where they are now.

Also included are special thank you pages which name every person who helped the band throughout their career and all the credits on each of their releases. It is a true tribute to their fans and a limited edition collectable.

For the select few who are lucky enough to pre-order prior to November 1st, you will have your book personalized with your name engraved inside of it in silver! Hurry up and pre-order now at this location - there will only be 3,000 made in the entire World. Each country has a limited quantity available. Once your country is sold out, no additional units will be made - ever.

Priced at $249 plus shipping and handling in the US, Canada, Asia and Australia, with prices varying in Europe, AB X will be released January 6th. Check out a video preview:

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