AMANDA SOMERVILLE Joins Creative Team At The Rock Station

February 2, 2013, 4 years ago

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The Rock Station, launched by guitarist Sander Gommans (HDK, ex-AFTER FOREVER) has officially announced their collaboration with vocalist AMANDA SOMERVILLE (TRILLIUM; AVANTASIA), "bringing highest quality vocal production, songwriting, vocal/performance coaching and linguistic services such as translation and proofreading/editing to our team of music industry expertise. Contact us for details and booking your band:"

The Rock Station is a music school / studio facility based in Reuver, Netherlands. It opened its doors on Saturday, November 10th and Somerville performed an "unplugged" set on the day with Trillium. One clip can be viewed below:

Gommans checked in with the following recap of the day:

"Wow...for those who attended the opening of our new company The Rock Station, thanks! More than 450 visitors...couldn't have wished for a better result and for better reactions!

From now on, The Rock Station is available for high quality recordings, performances, workshops, rehearsals, tour management lessons and everything else a musician can possibly think of. Thanks again, and a special thanks the everybody who's been helping us, we won't forget!"

Check out The Rock Station's official Facebook page here or head to the official website.

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