AMBERIAN DAWN Set To Record New Album; Pledge Music Campaign Launched

September 27, 2013, 4 years ago

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Helsinki, Finland’s AMBERIAN DAWN is set to record their new album, and have launched a Pledge Music campaign.

Says the band: "We have some great news from AD’s headquarters here in Finland. Many of you are waiting for a new AD studio album. Tuomas has already penned 10 new awesome songs and those are ready to be recorded in fall 2013. We’re doing this without financial support of record labels and now you can help us make it happen. This album is planned to come out in early 2014.

We want to do this together with you and we will offer you some very special extras. We have the “traditional” merch things like mp3’s and signed CD’s but also our own personal stuff: band gear, instruments, stage clothes etc. You could also have your name written on the booklet of this CD. All pledges are included with mp3- download package. Shipping fee is always included on prices.

We have so far toured three times in Europe and have enjoyed every minute. We want to do it again. If we’ll get 200% of our initial goal raised, we can manage to arrange a tour too. This tour could be arranged in 2014.

Now you can be part of AD-family and help us making this new album and tour again."

Further details at this location.

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