AMERICAN DOG Frontman Michael Hannon Comments On KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album

June 23, 2013, a year ago

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AMERICAN DOG's Michael Hannon has issued a statement about the KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute album for cancer care:
"1970's pre-teen, pre-goon life in Small Town, Ohio was a pretty desolate and uninspiring place to be for a young bassist-in-training. Too young to drink, I didn't care about sports, which was king 'round these parts, led to a kid short on passion and inspiration. One bored afternoon I was listening to my AM radio (imagine that, there used to be music on AM!) and sandwiched between HALL & OATES and KOOL AND THE GANG was a song called 'Rock And Roll All Night'! Talk about a supercharged set of double S lighting bolts! I found my calling and my new best friend, KISS Alive! and I developed a long relationship that has spanned eight track, vinyl, cassette, CD and re-mastered CD (and probably Chip In The Head or whatever the next damn format of music ends up becoming). To this day I hold every KISS release up to Alive II in high esteem and will defend those releases as long as I'm above ground. Our version of 'God Of Thunder' was recorded during the sessions of our album Hard and we are honored to have it included in very good company for a great cause. On the eighth day indeed!" A World With Heroes (A 40th Anniversary Tribute To KISS) features unique performances of incredible KISS songs from every era with a star-studded line-up as follows: 'Nowhere To Run' - DRUCKFARBEN featuring PHIL NARO 'She' - RAZER 'Deuce' - BILL LEVERTY (with Russ Dwarf, Kevin Valentine and John Regan) 'Sure Know Something' - CHRIS BUCK and ANTHONY CARDENAS-MONTANA 'Hard Luck Woman' (Canadian mix) - RUSS DWARF 'Eyes of Love' - ERIC CARR (Eric Carr vocal with Benny Doro and Seether’s John Humphrey) 'Tears Are Falling' - WILLIE BASSE 'Cold Gin' - DON DOKKEN & TOMMY DENANDER 'Detroit Rock City' - RON 'BUMBLEFOOT' THAL (with Brian Tichy and Rex Brown) 'Tomorrow' - DRESSED TO CHILL 'Creatures Of The Night' - BRIGHTON ROCK 'God Of Thunder' - AMERICAN DOG 'Larger Than Life' - REX BROWN, MARK ZAVON & BRIAN TICHY 'Beth' - MICHAEL LARDIE (Grand Piano version) 'Goodbye' - IMPERA 'Rock ‘N Roll All Nite' - HARLEY FINE and JOHN REGAN 'Sword & Stone' (Live @ Wacken) - BONFIRE 'I Stole Your Love' - S.U.N. featuring Brian Tichy and Sass Jordan 'Beth' - PHIL NARO (Violin version) 'The Oath' - CHRIS BUCK and SWORD’S RICK HUGHES 'Little Caesar' - RON YOUNG, TOMMY DENANDER and JOHN REGAN 'Love Gun' - TONY HARNELL, MARK KENDALL and Kevin Valentine 'Forever' - SEAN KELLY 'Spit' - ACCEPT’S Mark Tornillo 'Master & Slave' - L.A. GUNS 'Anything For My Baby' - SLAVES ON DOPE 'New York Groove' - Slaves On Dope 'Psycho Circus' - DDrive (featuring Phil Naro) 'Breakout '- TOD HOWARTH, JOHN REGAN and KEVIN VALENTINE 'Rock N Roll Hell' - RON KEEL, TROY LUCKETTA and Eric Brittingham 'Only You ’13' - DORO PESCH and JOHNNY DEE 'Calling Dr. Love' - BURNING RAIN (Doug Aldrich, Keith St John, Matt Starr and Sean McNabb) 'Love Gun' - JERRY DIXON, JEFF DUNCAN and Kevin Valentine 'Outer Space' - SHREDDMILL (original Shreddmill demo - later covered by ACE FREHLEY on his Anomaly album) As of June 15th the double disc has been available for $30. Those who order now will still benefit from the $20 price (for the double). For more info on the KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute album visit this location.
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