AMESOEURS Inks North American Deal With Profound Lore

October 17, 2007, 11 years ago

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Profound Lore have announced that they have singed an agreement to license the highly-anticipated debut full-length from France's AMESOEURS for North America.

An excerpt from a press release follows: formed in 2004 by ALCEST mastermind Neige, along with vocalist Audrey Sylvain and guitarist Fursy Teyssier, to portray a bleak musical vision that would combine the harsh elements of black metal and new wave (JOY DIVISION, DEPECHE MODE etc.) to portray a decaying urban landscape through music. 2006 saw Amesoeurs release their incredible debut EP Ruines Humaines to much acclaim where we saw this impeccable vision unravel into what became one of the most talked about bands within the underground.

The band are currently in the process of writing their debut full-length album to be released sometime late 2008, and it will indeed be different than their EP (most-likely the black metal elements will be taken out), but it shall embody something much more oppressive, negative, violent, and ultimately, something much more filled with decay and mire (pretty much the opposite of what Neige portrays with Alcest) to serve as the antitheses of what seems ideal within this so-called society.

Amesoeurs are: Neige (guitars, bass, vocals), Audrey S (vocals), Fursy Teyssier (guitars/graphics), and Wintherhalter (drums, also of Peste Noire fame).

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