ANAAL NATHRAKH Announce New Album, Digital Single Release Dates

April 17, 2009, 10 years ago

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England’s extreme metal duo ANAAL NATHRAKH check in with this quick update:

"In The Constellation Of The Black Widow will be released through Candlelight Records on June 29th, 2009. A limited edition vinyl will also be released be Feto Records the same month. More info coming soon...

A digital single entitled 'More Of Fire Than Blood' will be released via iTunes on June 6th.

More info coming soon..."

Candlelight Records recently announced that remastered versions of the band's classsic titles The Codex Necro, Total Fucking Necro and When Fire Rains Down..., are now available from iTunes.

Back in February, the label issued the following update:

The popular extreme metal duo are currently in the studio working on their label debut titled In The Constellation Of The Black Widow.

Vocalist V.I.T.R.I.O.L. says, "Candlelight have shown a strong belief in Anaal Nathrakh and looking at some of the acts on their roster both past and present it seems they are capable of backing up their good intentions. With their help we hope we can finally get the planet cracked in half."

Formed in 1998, Anaal Nathrakh have recorded five full-length albums, their most recent Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here released in 2007 via Feto Records (co-owned by member Mick Kenney and NAPALM DEATH’s Shane Embury).

Based in Birmingham, the band sonically fuse traditional black metal with elements of industrial, grindcore, and early-day death metal resulting in a one-of-a-kind soundscape that has earned them high acclaim from media and fans around the globe.

Commenting on the new album, V.I.T.R.I.O.L. reveals, "Constellation will be faster, more insidious, more ominous, more musically dextrous and wilder than ever before. The album will feature a curve ball guest appearance from Zeitgeist Memento of Mexican extremists REPUBLIKA."

According to the band’s official website, Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for Armageddon and the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes. The band have collaborated with such legendary figures as Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Shane Embury and Danny Herrera (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (TESTAMENT, DIMMU BORGIR), Joe Horvath (CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN), Sethlans Teitan (WATAIN) and more. The band have appeared on BBC’s Radio 1 (per the behest of icon John Peel), headlined a stage at the annual Inferno Festival in Norway, and have found themselves included among countless ‘Best Album of the Year’ polls around the world.

Anaal Nathrakh’s status as one of the leading lights in extreme metal is undeniable."

More on Anaal Nathrakh at the band's MySpace page.

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