ANDRÉ MATOS To Perform ANGRA's Angels Cry Album In Full On 20th Anniversary Tour

January 8, 2013, 2 years ago

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Vocalist ANDRÉ MATOS (SYMFONIA, ex-ANGRA), along with his solo band, will launch the promotional tour for his new album, The Turn Of The Lights, with an extra bonus for the fans: the band will play the Angra album, Angels Cry, in full.
Released in 1993, Angels Cry was Andre Matos' first album with Angra, just recently formed at the time. The vocalist, despite his young age, had already recorded two successful albums with the band Viper and studied classical piano, composition and conducting. Besides recording vocals and keyboards for all tracks, Andre Matos was the writer and arranger of nine out of ten tracks on the album, including 'Carry On', which became a worldwide heavy metal hit. With his cutting edge combination of power and progressive metal, classical music rhythm and elements, Angels Cry became a huge international success and placed the Brazilian band among the main power metal bands of their time.
Matos, who has recently released the album The Turn Of The Lights in over 30 countries, will start his new tour in March. The vocalist and his band promise a complete show, which will be divided in two parts: first part will feature songs from his new album and hits from his whole career - including VIPER, SHAMAN and solo band eras - and on the second part, the album Angels Cry will be played in full, celebrating 20 years of a unique moment that made history.
Two versions of The Turn Of The Lights album are available. Version 1 contains the regular songs plus a bonus track (a cover of Angra’s 'Wings of Reality'. The tracklisting: 'Liberty' 'Course Of Life' 'The Turn Of The Lights' 'Gaza' 'Stop!' 'On Your Own' 'Unreplaceable' 'Oversoul' 'White Summit' 'Light-Years' 'Sometimes' 'Wings Of Reality' (Angra Cover)
Version 2 comes with the regular songs plus four bonus tracks (but without 'Wings Of Reality'). The tracklisting: Disc 1: 'Liberty' 'Course Of Life' 'The Turn Of The Lights' 'Gaza' 'Stop!' 'On Your Own' 'Unreplaceable' 'Oversoul' 'White Summit' 'Light-Years' 'Sometimes' Disc 2: 'At Least A Chance (VIPER cover) 'I Don’T Believe In Love (QUEENSRŸCHE cover) 'Fake Plastic Trees (RADIOHEAD cover) (Japanese ENKA cover) For more details visit

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