ANDREW BORDONI - New Album To Benefit Orphans In Lithuania; AYREON Mastermind To Guest

December 26, 2012, 4 years ago

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The new album from Chicago-based British guitarist ANDREW BORDONI Bordoni called Bordoni - Songs From Future Past” will feature guest performances from Arjen Anthony Lucassen (AYREON) and many others.

The sales from the first 400 copies will go towards funding programs and resources benefitting orphans and children in Taurage, Lithuania.

“I wanted this album to be really special and unique. In 2009 I visited the town of Taurage in Lithuania and found this small church that was doing everything it could to help those in need, helping the children of the community and at the Taurage orphanage. They truly inspired me so I donated 11 guitars to the orphanage with the hope that some of these kids would become passionate about music and find hope in music. Music saved my life so that was somewhat of a way to pay it forward. I went back to Taurage in October 2012 to find that many of the kids have been taking music lessons using the guitars I donated and as a result they have found purpose and hope in life. The small church is hoping to launch an after school program for the kids involving safe play time, computer classes and even a place to jam with their instruments so I decided to dedicate the sales of the first 400 copies of my new album to help them make it happen.”

Songs Of Future Past will feature some of Chicago’s top session players including Tom Hipskind on drums, Shawn Sommer on bass and Scott Stevenson on keys. Also guest appearances from Bill Fornari on saxophone and guitar solos from Scott Tipping & Arjen Anthony Lucassen. More big guest appearances are to be confirmed soon.

The album will be released in March/April and is available for pre-order at

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