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July 28, 2004, 14 years ago

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ANGRA singer Edu Falaschi has posted the following road report from the band’s promo trip through Japan at the official Angra website:

“Ouch, we’ve just got back from Japan. We did a promo trip there to promote our new album, Temple of Shadows. We had a tough and tiring week, but totally worth it. We stayed in Osaka for three days and then we went to Tokyo. We did a lot of interviews for magazines, sites, radio and TV stations, newspapers, etc. There was also a photo session for Burrn! magazine.

Kiko and Rafael did some workshops and met several fans in the MI Music School. They were interviewed by some very important Japanese guitar-oriented magazines. We also participated of Masa Itoh’s radio show. Masa is a renowned Japanese journalist and disc jockey and more than a thousand fans took part of the show. It’s kind of a game and the winner gets to see the Ozzfest in the USA. After the show, we met 200 fans. It was the so-called ‘shaking hands session’. We also recorded some interviews for Captain Wada’s TV and radio shows. Wada is another known DJ and journalist in Japan.

We did a couple of acoustic showcases in Osaka and Tokyo. They took place in the Tower Records stores. As you know, Tower is one of the biggest chains of CD shops in the world. In between the songs there were interviews, signing sessions and all of that. Really crazy stuff!

In a few words, we had a great reception in Japan and the appreciation that people there showed for the new album was huge. After all our efforts, struggle and perseverance we humbly received the opinion of many Japanese critics that said Angra’s new album is a true masterpiece. Temple of Shadows definitely showcases the best performance of the band so far. We have pushed our limits to the maximum in this album. All of us were into the creative process and had total freedom of expression. It is a heavy, sophisticated, vigorous, dense and detailed album. There’s a lot of new stuff going on and there’s also a deep concept involved.

Last but not least we had important guests taking part in it as well, such as Milton Nascimento, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Hansi Kürsh (Blind Guardian). All of them did a remarkable job and we’ll never forget it.

We are absolutely excited with the final results and literally in love with the new album! Everybody will hopefully be caught by all this magic.

I would like to thank you all for the attention and concern. We look forward to hitting the road and sharing with you all this joy!

A big hug, Edu Falaschi”

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