ANGRA - New Video On The Way, Band To Be Featured In Burrn! Magazine

September 11, 2006, 12 years ago

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As previously reported, ANGRA will release their new album, Aurora Consurgens, in Europe on October 30th through SPV Records, and in Japan on November 1st through JVC Victor. The band recently shot a video for the song 'The Course Of Nature' and have issued the following update:

"The first video clip out of Angra’s new album, Aurora Consurgens, (to be release in October) was shot last week. The chosen track was 'The Course Of Nature', which is also the first single. The video was filmed in São Paulo under the guidance of director Carina Zaratin. The shooting was attended by famous journalist Naomi Ohno. Naomi works for the renowned Japanese magazine Burrn! and spent a week in Brazil. She came over to accompany the daily activities of Angra in these last moments prior to the release of the new album. She interviewed all members of the group for stories to be run not only in Burrn! magazine itself, but also in the official program of the Loud Park Festival, to be held in Japan next October. Of course, Angra is one of the main attractions of the event."

The following press release regarding Angra's forthcoming album was recently issued via the band's official website:

"Angra is putting the very final touches unto its new album. The CD is going to be released in October and shall be the main event in the band's 15 th anniversary celebrations.

The name of the record has been finally announced. It's called Aurora Consurgens, which is also the title of an old book written by Saint Thomas of Aquin. Such book was used by Jung to establish relations between dreams and different mental conditions. Contrary to the band's latest album, Temple Of Shadows, the forthcoming effort is not a concept album. However, all lyrics do have a common theme: the various mental issues, including suicidal tendencies, schizophrenia, manic depression, sociopathy, etc. The artwork was once again designed by Portuguese artist Isabel de Amorim.

The recordings of Aurora Consurgens began in July at the House Of Audio studios in Germany under the guidance of long time producer Dennis Ward. Aquiles Priester recorded all his drum parts by then. After these sessions, Dennis flew down to Brazil to record all other parts with Kiko Loureiro, Rafael Bittencourt, Felipe Andreoli and Edu Falaschi. The so called Brazilian sessions took place at the Via Musique Estúdios in São Paulo. Thiago Bianchi was the assistant producer. Dennis then flew back to Germany and mixed the material, which is currently being mastered by the renowned Finnish producer Mika Jussila.

Musically, the new album depicts a much heavier Angra. It doesn't mean the usual style of the band is lost, though. In fact, all tunes still rely on the influence of Brazilian music and there's a lot of percussion in the arrangements, several orchestral parts, etc. The songwriting process saw the participation of all members, so the album is quite diversified. At the same time, it maintains all the main characteristics of the band.

As an innovation, a 'virtual single' will precede the release of the new album: fans will be able to download the song 'The Course Of Nature' from the Internet. The artwork of the single will also be online, so it can be downloaded and printed as well. The single must be available around September.

Angra took part of the Brasil Metal Union festival on August 19th and put an end to the Temple Of Shadows world tour, which counted 124 dates overall. The band is now ready to kick off its next world tour and several gigs are already booked. After a couple of warm-up shows in Brazil the group heads up for an Asian minitour. The main event of this short series of gigs is definitely the Loud Park Festival in Tokyo on October 14th . Angra will perform in the main stage, right before the headliner, MEGADETH. Then the band shall visit other Asian nations for the very first time."

Antonio Carlos Monteiro August/2006

The new album will include the following tracklisting: 'The Course Of Nature', 'The Voice Commanding You', 'Ego Painted Grey', 'Breaking Ties', 'Salvation: Suicide', 'Window To Nowhere', 'So Near So Far', 'Passing By', 'Scream Your Heart Out', 'Abandoned Fate'.

The aforementioned tour dates are as follows; venues will be announced soon:


29 - Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
30 - Praia Grande, Brazil


1 - Santo André, Brazil
6 - Francisco Beltrão, Brazil
7 - Xaxim, Brazil
14 - Tokyo, Japan (Loud Park Festival)
16 - Jakarta, Indonesia
21 - Taipei, Taiwan
22 - Hong Kong, China

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