ANNIHILATOR Frontman Dave Padden - Feeding The TERROR SYNDROME

November 22, 2010, 8 years ago

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In a recent interview ANNIHILATOR frontman Dave Padden recently discussed plans for a new TERROR SYNDROME album. An excerpt is available below:

Terror Syndrome was launched by none other than DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT drummer Poederooyen and featuring Townsend cohorts Dave Young and Mike Young. With an independently released debut under their belts – recorded and released before Padden came on board in 2008 – Terror Syndrome is long overdue for a second round, but between Annihilator’s and Townsend’s busy schedules it seems as if the band has been cast into limbo.

“The thing is, Devin has been touring and his schedule almost totally coincides with ours,” says Padden, “so we’re out right now and Ryan’s out doing the American tour. Nothing conflicts at all, which is great. We did a couple shows with Terror Syndrome, but I wasn’t living in Vancouver at the time. I was in Nanaimo on the island so I’d have to take the ferry over, I got busy doing other things, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to push it. I’m back in Vancouver now, though, so we want to get going on a new Terror Syndrome album. Ryan’s been playing with Devin a lot, and after learning the whole Ziltoid album for the tour he’s like, ‘Man, I’ve learned some pretty awesome shit, let me tell you…’ and I believe it. I mean, having to learn all the Gene Hoglan stuff is madness, so he really had to step up his game. I’m curious to see what we come up with.”

Go to this location for the complete story. Click here for information on Terror Syndrome.

As previously reported, Annihilator guitarist / founder Jeff Waters is featured in a new interview with Norway's Metal Express Radio. Check it out via the audio player below.

Jeff Waters

Remaining dates on Annihilator's European tour are as follows:


24 - Thessaloniki, Greece - Principal Club Theatre
25 - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205 Club

(Photo by Carl Begai)

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