ANNIHILATOR - One-Of-A-Kind Signature Jeff Waters Hufschmid Custom Guitar Up For Sale On eBay

October 27, 2012, 4 years ago

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Guitars For Stars out of the US is selling a one-of-kind Hufschmid custom guitar made for ANNIHILATOR guitarist Jeff Waters. According to the product description it was the only one ever made and issued in 2004.

Check it out below:

Click here to go to the eBay auction.

Waters recently posted a guitar solo compilation from the band's Schizo Deluxe album, released in 2005. Check it out below:

Waters: "This is my version of the 'Brown Sound.' The compilation is taken from my third favorite Annihilator CD (!!) and I swore I would NEVER touch the microphone and settings and taped off the room where the guitar amp/cab/microphone was... so no one would ever touch it... EVER! A few months after this CD was done, my son Alex decided to play hide & seek with me - he was 8 years old then... guess where he decided to hide?! In the room where my perfect guitar tone was! And, of course, he had to knock over the microphone and hide right in front of the speakers! Hahaha! I spent (seriously) close to two months trying to set it all up again but, as engineers know, you can never get it back 100%. It nearly drove me insane every day for months. I finally realized that I will never get that tone back exactly... sounds weird to the average person, but it is almost like an OCD for some of us! :) Here is almost seven minutes of that tone, but just wait until you hear the new Waters sound with these smokingly hot and wicked EVH 5150 III amps! I think that is the only thing to beat my Schizo Deluxe sound!"

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