ANNIHILATOR's Jeff Waters Runs Through New SolidGoldFX Devil Drive Pedal - "This Guy Can Play!"

November 8, 2012, 4 years ago

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Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR runs through his signature SolidGoldFX Devil Drive and demonstrates how he uses the pedal to get his awesome tone.

SolidGoldFX comment:

"This dude can play!!!

We were very excited when Jeff decided to retire his old overdrive he'd been using since the 80's and ask us if we'd be interested in building him a more modern pedal to achieve his signature tone. Many months and countless prototypes later, we are happy to introduce our first signature pedal, the Jeff Waters Devil Drive.

The Devil Drive draws its roots from the legendary OD-1 overdrive that Jeff has used since the very beginning to achieve the tight, articulate metal tones he is known for. The Devil Drive is not your typical metal pedal; it doesn't boast extremely high levels of gain, scooped mids or insane bass. Instead it is designed to be layered and textured with heavy hitting, hard rock amps to deliver its scorching tone or used on its own for some bluesy bite. It features a si

mple 2 mode, 3 knob layout, true bypass switching and low-noise design. The tone is clear and focused with excellent string definition and no loose, flabby low end or ear piercing highs. Its drive ranges from clean boost to a hot overdrive.

The Mode switch allows you to select either Vintage or Modern modes. In Vintage mode, only the Volume and Drive controls are active, the Tone circuit is bypassed. This mode is what Jeff's signature sound is all about. The Modern mode is a bonus setting we added for him. In this mode, the Tone control is active and output gain is increased for a hotter signal.

From blues to rock to heavy to thrash metal, the Devil Drive will be an irreplaceable addition to your arsenal as it has been for Jeff Waters."

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