ANTHRAX Announce SHADOWS FALL Guitarist Jon Donais To Fill In On Upcoming Live Dates; To Release Anthem EP In March

January 11, 2013, 6 years ago

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ANTHRAX - Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello and Joey Belladonna - have announced that SHADOWS FALL guitarist Jon Donais will step in for the departing Rob Caggiano. Donais will temporarily fill in for Anthrax's upcoming tour dates in India, the series of Soundwave Festival shows in Australia, and the North American Metal Alliance Tour.

"Jon is a bro and he's also a total f**king ripper," said Scott Ian. "I've worked with him twice before on side projects and he tears it up. I'm excited to have him on my right burning up the stage with Anthrax. 13's gonna be a good year."
"I grew up on Anthrax, they're the thrash scene, they're one of The Big Four, I'd be crazy to not want to play with them," said Donais. "Initially, Rob called and told me he was leaving the band, and asked if I'd be interested in filling in. Then Scott called me and everything fell into place. Rob and I are using Skype to work on solos and other guitar parts, so he's being great. I also have to give special thanks to my band - Brian, Matt, Jason and Ed - who have been incredibly supportive and encouraged me to do this."

Anthrax have announced March 18th as the release date for their new Anthem EP. The covers set will include the following tracklisting:

'Anthem' (RUSH), 'Jailbreak' (THIN LIZZY), 'TNT' (AC/DC), 'Big Eyes' (CHEAP TRICK), 'Smokin'' (BOSTON), 'Keep On Runnin'' (JOURNEY).

Anthrax has a very successful track record of recording covers, including JOE JACKSON's 'Got The Time', that not only was one of the band's biggest-selling songs, but was the first metal song to be played on Mars when NASA used it to wake up the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Guitarist Scott Ian recently spoke with about the band's return to the studio to record the cover songs: "It was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of those (songs) aren't, I guess, normal for us or like so much of our repertoire - although they are because they're songs we all knew. Maybe on paper the idea of us doing something like that seems weird, until you hear them and then it makes sense. And Joey's (Belladonna) performance on the Journey, specifically, really blows my mind. Someone mentioned that Neal Schon (Journey guitarist) better not hear this or we might lose our singer."

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Check out footage of Belladonna performing Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' with STEEL PANTHER on November 7th, 2012 in Newcastle, England below:

Anthrax will not hold auditions for the replacement of lead guitarist Rob Caggiano.

A message from the band states: "We love you all, and are confident you shred like YNGWIE MALMSTEEN after a case of Red Bull, but to answer all 57,000 messages at once, WE ARE NOT DOING AUDITIONS for lead guitarist."

After a long and successful run as guitarist for the legendary thrash metal act, Rob Caggiano announced on January 4th that it's time to move on and focus on his other passion: producing records for the time being. Already an acclaimed rock and metal producer, Rob has amassed a long list of production credits working with acts such as CRADLE OF FILTH (on their Grammy-nominated classic Nymphetamine), THE DAMNED THINGS, and JESSE MALIN to name a few. Rob's production work on the most recent Anthrax studio album Worship Music received high recognition, as the track 'I'm Alive' received a Grammy Nomination for Best Rock / Metal Performance.

Being a member of the mighty Anthrax for the better part of the last 12 years is something that Caggiano is of course very proud of. This was not an easy decision to make.

"I'm extremely proud of my time in Anthrax. Actually, that's an understatement! We accomplished so many great things together over the years and I shared some of the best times of my life with these guys. As a band, we also weathered quite a few storms along the way. It's been a wild ride (to say the least) from Day One and I wouldn't change one single thing about the last 12 years. This is an extremely difficult and emotional decision for me to make but my heart is just steering me in a different direction right now. I've always been one to follow my heart in everything that I do and while this might be one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, it feels like the right one for me at this time. Scott, Charlie, Joey, Frankie (and John Bush) will always be part of my family and this decision doesn't change the way I feel about that in the slightest. I would also like to say thanks to all the amazing fans I've met and hung out with worldwide over the years. You guys always were and always will be the reason why I make music! In this day and age, being a musician isn't always easy -also an understatement- but the fans truly make it worthwhile for me. I hope to see each and every one of you again really soon. The fact that Anthrax is at the top of their game right now and totally 'out for blood' after all these years is a testament to this band's longevity and conviction! I'm truly honored to have been a part of their brilliant legacy."

With this new direction, Caggiano very much looks forward to getting back to producing/recording/writing again in the immediate future.

"I can't wait to get back in the recording studio again! Over the years, I've been blessed with the privilege of working with a wide range of great bands/artists from Anthrax and Cradle Of Filth all the way to BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, and I look forward to a hopeful continuation of that side of my career while I figure out my next move as an artist. BTW in case anyone was wondering after reading all of this, I do FULLY intend to get back out there on the road very soon in some way shape or form... it's in my blood! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @RobCaggiano for any and all updates on what I am up to."

Anthrax have issued the following statement in regards to Rob's departure from the band:

"Rob has been an integral part of Anthrax for so many years, as our lead guitarist, in a production capacity, but most of all, as our close friend. His contributions to the band have been enormous. While we are sad that he is leaving, we wish him nothing but great success going forward, and hope to share the stage with him again sometime down the road."

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