ANTIQUUS Sign With Cruz Del Sur

October 25, 2005, 14 years ago

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ANTIQUUS guitarist Trevor Leonard contacted BW&BK; with the following announcement:

"We're all very happy to announce that after several months of negotiations, Antiquus have reached an agreement and officially signed with Italy's Cruz Del Sur Music. Though the exact details of the deal are not publicly available, we can say that we will be hitting the studio this spring and the release date of the next album will be in Fall of 2006." Here is the official press release:

Antiquus Sign With Cruz Del Sur

There are bands that put passion and inspiration into everything they do, pursuing a goal with faith and will, for more than just commercial purposes. Canadian metal band Antiquus have self-released their debut album last April, entitled Ramayana... a concept album focused on Indian mythology. The album left many metal fans around the world speechless, for its strength and for the natural skills with which Antiquus interpreted the lessons learned from their '80s epic metal heroes. With great satisfaction, it is now time to announce that Antiquus has become the first Canadian band to sign with Cruz Del Sur Music.

With the sales and promotion of Ramayana still in progress, the band is already writing the material for their next album. It is yet too early to say if it will be a conceptual album in the vein of their debut CD, but what's for sure is that they will deliver another great piece of epic music, for an expected release date of Fall 2006.

"We're extremely pleased to be working with Cruz Del Sur", states drummer Andrew Bak, "I think we are a good fit for the roster and we appreciate the label's commitment to artistic integrity and quality. The band is inspired by that commitment, and we hope to deliver our best work to date..."

The band's official website can be found at

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