ANVIL - The Good, Bad And The Ugly; A History Lesson From LIPS Part II

May 27, 2013, 4 years ago

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ANVIL frontman Steve "Lips" Kudlow continues his journey through the band's catalog in a feature exclusively for BraveWords readers called The Good, Bad And The Ugly. Check out part I here. Part II begins with 1992's Worth The Weight.

Worth The Weight (1992 / Maximum Records)

Good: "We hired a new guitarist Sebastian Marino. We toured Germany for our first time in 1993 in support of this recording. It was extremely well received and is still a big favorite to our European fans and known for the best lead guitar playing from the band. It stands to reason as we worked extensively as players to make that point."

Bad: "This was Ian Dickson's last recording with Anvil and Sebastian's only recording with Anvil."

Ugly: "Ian quit Anvil after the tour in 1993 to Germany. No US release…"

Plugged In Permanent (1996 / Hypnotic and Massacre)

Good: "Robb and I wrote the entire album on our own as the replacement bass player lived far away and only came in once in a while to rehearse. We eventually hired a guitarist Ivan Hurd and went in and recorded. Touring was great for this cd, we went to Europe to support OVERKILL."

Bad: "The bass player we hired wasn't happy being in a four-piece band as the sound of his bass was being buried by guitar."

Ugly: "The bass player quit during the mixing of the album because he didn't like the sound of the bass guitar in the mixes. We had to get a new guy before we began touring. No US release."

Absolutely No Alternative (1997 / Hypnotic and Massacre)

Good: "Doing power metal in the nineties was definitely not an easy task and luckily we had a German record label Massacre Records that was more than willing to support Anvil. This was a time that alternative/grunge music was the rage. The idea was to be what we were with no compromise. Totally in defiance to what was in style. With the fans in Europe strong and true we toured again there!"

Bad: "No US release."

Ugly: "The look of Ivan's fingers after he dropped a concrete block on his hand, during the recording of the CD. We had to wait until everything else was done to record his parts.

Speed Of Sound (1999 / Hypnotic and Massacre)

Good: "We got a new producer-engineer to help us record. We tried a new type of art design using computer generated images for the cover of the CD. We toured Europe again."

Bad: "Still no US release."

Ugly: "The tour bus driving away and leaving us to go home…."

Plenty Of Power (2001 / Hypnotic and Massacre)

Good: "The sound of this recording was the best it got working with the engineer Pierre Rémillard. We mixed this CD at Rock Voicine studio in Montreal Quebec. The entire recording was the last full on analog we did."

Bad: "The label didn't like the cover art…"

Ugly: "Still No US release."

All this commentary leads us to Anvil's unstoppable new album, Hope In Hell, which was recently reviewed by BraveWords' "Metal" Tim Henderson here.

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