ANVIL's Steve "Lips" Kudlow On AC/DC Opening Slot - "Doing The Gig Is The Easy Part, Getting The Gig Is What’s Tough"

June 9, 2009, 8 years ago

hot flashes news ac dc anvil is reporting:

"Doing the gig is the easy part, getting the gig is what’s tough," says Steve "Lips" Kudlow, front man for ANVIL, the heavy metal band which recently booked the opening slot on the AC/DC stadium tour. "I last saw AC/DC with my 11-year-old at the Air Canada Centre. Now, he’ll get to see me open for the band in the states. It’s bombastic, man. Really, really incredible stuff."

Anvil’s ride has been incredible since they first banged their head. The band formed in 1978 in Toronto, and after experiencing some success as speed metal pioneers, the group was surpassed by like-minded leather-clad peers like SLAYER and MOTÖRHEAD. However, Anvil never stopped rocking and, even while working day jobs, they continued to tour and record. Anvil! The Story Of Anvil, was a hit film and is currently playing in cinemas.

According to Kudlow, the film helped bring them back to the public eye.

"What it came down to is the fact that AC/DC will benefit because they’re the guys who extended a hand to help Anvil out," Kudlow says. "I don’t know if they saw the movie or not. I just know a decision was made by Angus [Young, AC/DC’s guitarist] and he wanted see Anvil triumph and succeed."

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