ANVIL's Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow On Departure Of Bassist Glenn Five - "It Is A Huge Improvement With Our New Guy, Both Musically And Personally"

January 17, 2012, 7 years ago

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Glenn Five (pictured below), bass player of veteran metal rockers ANVIL, recently announced his departure from the band, citing creative differences.

Mohsen Fayyazi from Metal Shock Finland has issued an exclusive interview with Anvil's Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow, in which he discusses Glenn Five's split from the band. An excerpt follows:

Q: With the recent news of Glenn Five’s departure, can you update me on the current situation in Anvil as you are touring the US soon?

A: "We hired an old friend to do the tour and are currently working with a new improved bassist. There was no major issue in fixing this at all and in fact everything was sorted out within a few hours of Glenn departing. Glenn tried to make it difficult by leaving without proper notice but we’ve been preparing for this for quite sometime. This did end up for the better as it is a huge improvement with our new guy both musically as well as personally."

Q: There is a point in Anvil history that I couldn’t find any clue... in 1983, you signed a contract with David Krebs, but he suddenly changed his mind and stopped returning phone calls and did not get the band a major label recording contract, I’d like to know why? And what happened during that time to you?

A: "There are many unanswered questions concerning why. David had little or no knowledge of metal music. He managed AEROSMITH and thought we were a great opener, but beyond that he couldn’t find us a deal without including our first three albums in a deal. The company Attic refused to license or release those recordings in the US. This made it impossible for David to go forward with us. He pulled us out of the contract with Attic and left us to die or what ever!! We wrote Strength of Steel and recorded it on our own and released it through Metal Blade. Unfortunately this was 4 years after Forged In Fire which made the album three years too late. We struggled and did it on our own from that time until we began making the movie in 2005."

Read the complete interview at this location.

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