APOCALYPTICA - "Lost In Somewhere In The Middle Of Nothing"

June 28, 2006, 13 years ago

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As previously reported, APOCALYPTICA are currently on the road doing the summer festival circuit through Europe. Perttu Kivilaakso has issued an extensive road report via the band's official website. Below is a recap of his adventure following a routine rest stop:

"Lost in somewhere in the middle of nothing.

After a show in Kavarna (Bulgaria) we had a party by the Black Sea, great food etc. I wanted to go to swim into the sea, but then I hurt my butt into one iron spike that was standing on the beach.and that was painful. I mean.PAINFUL!!! After visiting disco and all having nice fun, others dancing and me holding my ass, we then went to bus, had to leave towards Sofia.

Well, yeah. I was already in my bed.totally tired,ready to sleep when the bus stopped.I realized that it's the last chance to give one more shower to mother earth and we all went out the bus to do, well, you know...so...hmm...eh...ärh...

I had a longer alert than others so I continued peeing from my, well, you know...and the bus continued it's travel. And f**king hell, WITHOUT ME!!!

First I thought that this must be a very bad joke. Then I saw that the bus had not any intentions to stop. I tried to run after a bit but my butt...so,then the lights of the vehicle disappeared..and there was dark and very silent. Wherever I watched,as far as human eyes can see there was not a single light.no houses.no lamps..nothing only endless fields.


I had no mobile phone...(of course, straight from bed)

I had no money...(of course, straight from bed)

No credit cards, No passport, no jacket no shoes. And it was not too warm night,and a bit rainy...

I couldn't believe that this had just happened to me. It felt awful (impossible to describe, but it felt awful!). I knew that we'd already driven far from previous village..and had no idea what's ahead...wuh...

I just had to walk, trying not to fall asleep since I was very very tired. There were no cars, not a single one, no lights, no birds, only a sign that Sofia, approximately 500 kilometers. It went awful. I walked there, can't really remember how long or how much.

Well...one can imagine how it feels to walk for a long in a chippy asfalt road without shoes. Not nice. After a while I then saw a sign of an airport and followed that until I finally reached it. It must have had looked weird when someone appears into the gates with no clothes, no shoes, no passport to show, no identity, totally wet, looking like a drunk and narc. I still wonder that I didn't found myself from a jail. But that was a reason of a one very very friendly policeman who took me inside the building. It was the airport of Varna, the next town.

So, then we began to wonder that what the hell is the situation, who the hell am I ,and is this the sequel for the very succesful Tom Hanks movie.

There came lots of people from airport stuff to look at me. It must have had look funny when someone's there talking and making 'body language' (because it was a bit difficult to speak English in the beginning, and this story is more funny with this little extra movements of like 'me-Tarzan...rockband - bus-peeing from down here-in the field-bus, flying away-me, continuing peeing... bus is gone...me alone-dark-scary..walking many kilometers..me, happy that I found you (and then he hugs the saviors of he's and they are shocked because this filthy animal touched them. But after we found the common sound everyone already loved each others and I was accepted back into the clan of humans.

But, oh gosh, these people were so friendly!!! I can't describe it..seriously! I've never imagined that in this world could be so friendly and helpfull strangers. That's what these people were. Of course, I didn't remember anyone's phone numbers; it was really early in the morning, I couldn't go into the internet since it was on the other side where I couldn't naturally go without the passport. So, there was one guy who ran there and back for looking the addresses I gave to him. But we didn't find any mobile numbers. I asked if I could buy a helicopter somewhere (well, this is a full joke, but it makes the story more colourfull) but they had none in the city.

Back into the real life: I only could tell them that where our previous concert was. Then they found out who organized the gig. I don't know for how many different places they called, but finally someone answered and we got an information that someone's coming to drive me to Sofia (after uncertain hours, I couldn't know if I'm ever going to make it into Sofia before nightfall).

Best in this all is that nobody in the bus ever realized that I was left behind until in the morning when these people from promoter-side began to bomb our manager's phone. Eicca answered and promoter people asked 'Do you know where Perttu is?' They looked everywhere and were amazed...YES...TRULY!!! Where is Perttu!!! (I don't know how many heart attacks that caused in the bus, but luckily I was already safe.)

So, meanwhile, me-Tarzan (didn't find any Janes :( had fun with these UNBELIEVABLY LOVELY AND FRIENDLY PEOPLE.


They were waiting for me long after their working hours ended.even though they had been awake whole night, same as me. They just wanted to make sure that I will get the car and all's fine. Such an incredible kindness. I will put the pictures of all these my new friends somewhere here into our website). I think in these pictures I'm not looking as 'ok' as normally...HAHA!!

Finally the car arrived and this lovely police man gave me even he's shoes to me, that I could walk (because my legs and heels were totally destroyed.)

I will not forget this greatest favour that i've ever got...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniff*

So,then we drove to Sofia....bumpy road...damaged ass...seven hours...I was very happy.actually felt like that I'm ready to KILL!!!"

To read the full report go to this location.

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