ARCH ENEMY - "You Can Change Your Future, So Embrace It And March Forward"

January 1, 2013, 4 years ago

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ARCH ENEMY have checked in with the following update:

"Happy New Year to everybody! We are curious and excited about 2013! The power of imagination makes us all infinite. You are always free in your mind, you can change your future.. so embrace it and march forward :-) Yesterday Is Dead And Gone!"

As previously reported, Arch Enemy have released Astro Khaos 2012 - Official Live Bootleg (CD+DVD) in Japan.

Says the band: "At the end of our Japan tour in April 2012, we played two suddenly announced special intimate shows with setlists voted by the Japanese fans...the CD+DVD captures these very special moments…"

Astro Khaos 2012 - Official Live Bootleg tracklisting:

'Enemy Within'

'In This Shallow Grave'

'Fields of Desolation'


'Bury Me An Angel'

'Dead Eyes See No Future'

'The Immortal'

'Bridge Of Destiny'

'Blood On Your Hands'


'Khaos Overture'

'Yesterday Is Dead And Gone'

'We Will Rise'

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