ARTILLERY - Legions Album Details Revealed; 'Chill My Bones' Track Streaming

October 7, 2013, 9 months ago

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Earlier this summer, Metal Blade Records Europe welcomed legendary Danish thrashers ARTILLERY to their arsenal. The label has now confirmed November 22nd as the release date for the band's new album, Legions. The album will be released as a limited edition digipak with two bonus tracks, jewel case CD, on vinyl and as a digital download. Comments Artillery: “With the release of Legions we feel that we have played our strongest card since the early days of By Inheritance. With a killer production, some great new songs done by a strong and dedicated lineup, we are looking forward to support Legions all the way! We can´t wait to tour and meet the Legions of thrashers out there! This album is for you!”
Legions tracklisting: 'Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)' 'God Feather' 'Legions' 'Wardrum Heartbeat' 'Global Flatline' 'Dies Irae' 'Anno Requiem' 'Enslaved To The Nether' 'Doctor Evil' 'Ethos Of Wrath' 'The Almighty' (Bonus track re-recorded from The Fear Of Tomorrow album) 'The Eternal War' (Bonus track re-recorded from The Fear Of Tomorrow album) 'Chill My Bones (Burn My Flesh)': Check out a Legions landing page with pre-order options at this location. More on Artillery at Facebook.
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