ASCARIASIS Unveil New Single Teaser

November 14, 2013, 3 years ago

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Canadian progressive death metal band ASCARIASIS returns with a new single teaser alongside the announcement of their sophomore EP titled Initia Nova. This will be the first set of songs released since their debut EP Ocean Of Colour which came out in early 2012.

The band made the decision to attempt to reinvent their genre in a way that balances both technicality and musicality, while remaining true to their original sound. According to the members, the purpose of the Initia Nova EP is to ultimately find a medium between emotional, hard-hitting music and instrumental skill.

Michael Leo Valeri, producer and multi-instrumentalist commented on the EP:

"In today's music scene, it seems as though artists are tending to forget the element of surprise; Ascariasis was not just about technicality or brutality, but emotional gravitation. This time around, we really want to push the boundaries of our genre and write what we truly feel. Initia Nova is going to be our most honest, musical, and emotional release to date."

Ascariasis' new single is expected to be available within the coming months.

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