ATROCITY - Audio Sample Of New Song 'Death By Metal' Available

March 15, 2013, 4 years ago

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On April 26th, Germany's ATROCITY will release their new album, Okkult, via Napalm Records. A sample of the new song 'Death By Metal' is currently available via the band's official Facebook page here.

The Okkult tracklist is as follows:


'Death By Metal'

'March Of The Undying'

'Haunted By Demons'

'Murder Blood Assassination'

'Necromancy Divine'

'Satans Braut'


'Masaya (Boca Del Infierno)'

'When Empires Fall To Dust'

'Beyond Perpetual Ice'

'La Voisine'

Okkult was produced By Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio; the artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann.

Check out the song 'Pandaemonium' here.

Okkult is the kickstart to an album trilogy... musically Atrocity show an enormous tension width, and deliver a very powerful, homogeneous and atmospheric album: On the one hand with much bombast and big choirs a la 'March Of The Undying'; on the other hand Atrocity deliver equally purist, brutal metal songs, which get under your skin just as intensely, closely and authentically.

The overall sound is perfectly harmonized. The earthy, brilliant production sounds intoxicating and gives the musical pieces the necessary energy, atmosphere and roughness to dive immediately into the lyrical concept. This is anything but one-dimensional:

The lyrics relate to occult magic, mysterious places, conspiracy theories and mysteries that are still unsolved. Thus Atrocity turn John Milton’s vision of 'Pandemonium' into reality in an imposing way. With 'Death By Metal', a mystical tale from long ago, Atrocity have composed a tribute to their own musical roots, as well as it is their own band anthem. The band takes us with 'Haunted By Demons' on a Scottish Haunted Castle, and brings in 'Necromancy Divine' the ancient necromancer Erictho back to life. Moreover, the Okkult cover motif is dedicated to her. With overwhelming power the gates of hell are opened in 'Masaya (Boca Del Inferno)'. The epic 'When Empires Fall To Dust' set the mystical prophecies of a mysterious, French Freemason from the First World War to music. Never before has the Ides of March been staged musically as gripping as in 'Murder Blood Assassination'. Also the myths surrounding the Antarctic have never before been turned into such a hymnic piece of music ('Beyond Perpetual Ice'). As a culmination the poisoner and witch 'La Voisine' does her mischief in the Paris of the 17th Century.

To celebrate the release of Okkult, Atrocity will be playing a special release show at Rock It in Aalen, Germany on April 27th. It will be the first time the band will play material from the first part of the Okkult trilogy; expect a very raw and brutal set with highlights of the extreme musical side of Atrocity and songs that haven't been played live for a long time. The first 100 people attending will receive a special custom Okkult guitar pick.

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