AVA INFERI - New Song From One And All, Together, For Home Compilation Streaming At BraveWords

April 7, 2014, 6 years ago

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One And All, Together, For Home is a sprawling, ambitious compilation assembled by DRUDKH main-man Roman Sayenko, and brings together a group of renowned European metal bands to pay homage their distinct, unique heritages. Each band employs their own means to find and present their respective cultural roots to the world via song. The eight artists - including highly-regarded bands such as PRIMORDIAL, DRUDKH, WINTERFYLLETH, AVA INFERI and more - contribute a total of 17 exclusive tracks in the form of traditional song interpretations, cover versions of folk artists, or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritages in original compositions.

BraveWords is streaming the new 'Ao Teu Lado' song below:

Some background on the song: 'Ao Teu Lado' is inspired by traditional Portuguese music known as “Fado”, which means “fate”. Both the melody and lyrics of 'Ao Teu Lado' are rooted within the Fado style. The title translates as 'By Your Side' and true to this intimate genre it is a kind of love song with a dramatic ending. With the addition of a traditional Portuguese guitar as a musical representation of Fado, Ava Inferi highlight the contrast with their own distinct style of Gothic Doom Metal resulting in a unique blend of traditional and modern day musical expressions.

The deep melancholy inherent in "Ao Teu Lado" makes it perfectly suited to be released as Ava Inferi’s swansong at the end of their eight years of existence:

The One And All, Together, For Home compilation can be pre-ordered here.

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