AVANTASIA / HDK Vocalist AMANDA SOMERVILLE - "If There’s A Way To Be Musically Orgasmically Frustrated, There You Go..."

April 27, 2009, 11 years ago

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BW&BK; scribe Carl Begai recently spoke with AVANTASIA / HDK vocalist Amanda Somerville about her new solo album, Windows, which is due for an official release on May 8th. Following is an excerpt from the story, with Somerville discussing the end of a nine year “break” between full length solo albums.

“My last full length album came out in October or December 2000,” Somerville confirms. “So yeah, I’ve been living with these songs for a while (laughs). Talk about frustrated! If there’s away to be musically orgasmically frustrated, there you go. Waiting that long between releases… holy shit! It’s not going to be as long of a wait for my next album. We actually have three new songs recorded for it. The goal is to have something new out in a year or two, and it’s going to be metal compatible. Windows was never meant to be one of these ‘I can do every style under the sun’ albums, I just did whatever I felt like at the time. Over the course of the five or six years that it was recorded I went through a lot of different moods, so it’s basically representing this huge time span. I think for that reason it’s so diverse and eclectic. But, I feel Windows has a red thread running through it, as the Germans say. I took great care in choosing the song order, and I think it takes you up and down and all the way around in this cathartic journey. My point on the next album is to catch the mood and the phase I’m in right now, because you grow and change as an artist and a musician.”

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