BAD RELIGION Guitarist Brian Baker - "I Never Tried Out For GUNS N' ROSES"

January 30, 2013, 4 years ago

hot flashes news bad religion guns roses recently caught up with BAD RELIGION guitarist Brian Baker to discuss his career and a myth that continues to follow him. An excerpt is available below:

UG: We need to answer this question once and for all - were you ever offered an audition for GUNS N' ROSES?

Baker: "No, that's one of the biggest internet myths in the world. My friend Tommy Stinson who I played with for a little while in a band called Bash & Pop had just joined Guns N' Roses and I think they were going through a number of different guitar players and he casually mentioned, or asked rather, in conversation if I would ever consider trying out for Guns N' Roses. I've been trying to get that sh-t off the internet forever. I've been emailing the Wikipedia people repeatedly. Do you know how difficult it is to edit yourself on that site? It's awful let me tell you. So anyways no, I did not miss the chance to welcome myself to a jungle."

UG: I'm glad we can put that rumor to rest. That's been bothering me since I first read it in a zine several years ago. Its no myth however that all of the members of Bad Religion are well into their 40s yet the music you make is still relevant to the youth of today. Why do you think that is?

Baker: "I think the reason is pretty simple, the songs are good. The people writing the music are still inspired to do so and Bad Religion at well over 30 years, is not trying to be a heritage act and releasing records just so they can go on tour and sell t-shirts. Each record exists and remains relevant because the people who write the music want to share something with people. The consideration of adding to the band's catalogue has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am very lucky to play with people who seem to be pretty damn good at writing songs that resonate with people."

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