BEHEMOTH - Exclusive Vinyl Edition Of Endless Damnation Demo Available For Pre-Order

June 17, 2013, 5 years ago

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BEHEMOTH have launched a pre-order for the exclusive vinyl version of the Endless Damnation demo, the first Behemoth record ever, recorded in 1992.

Released for the first time as 12" black vinyl, gatefold cover + insert all printed on rough paper, this version is a special one, limited to 666 copies (only 50 of them available in the store) and signed by Nergal!


Side A

'Into The Black Mass'

'Cursed Angel Of Doom'

'Eternal Blasphemy'

'Temple Of Evil'

Side B

'Ceremony In Chapel'

'First Embody Remains'

'Endless Damnation'

The release will begin shipping from Monday, June 24th. Order at this location.

Poland's Game Over Cycles (GOC), which specializes in the construction of custom motorcycles and vintage cars restoration, debuted the new Behemoth Bike - a custom motorcycle inspired by and created in collaboration with Behemoth leader Adam “Nergal” Darski - on June 4th at Warsaw's Impact Festival. The next day at Hard Rock Café Warsaw there was a press meeting with the band members and bike creators, as well a Behemoth Bike presentation.

Nergal commented at the meeting: “This bike is like an animal, a beast. What you feel about is fear, adrenaline and respect. This whole project is something, which came out from our respective passions and the final effect of it is something absolutely unique.”

Oroginator of the idea is Stanislaw Myszkowski, GOC founder, who had this to say about how the idea to build this machine was born:

“I’m a fan of heavy music myself and I always wanted to make those two worlds, automotive and music come together in one existence. I wanted to construct a powerful and dark machine and as within this style of music I don’t see a more powerful band than Behemoth, I made a proposition to Nergal about building a motorbike inspired by Behemoth. The concept was immediately accepted, and that’s how it all started.”

History and construction process:

The idea and first hand sketches of the project were created at the end of 2012. In mid-Januray 2013 meeting with Nergal took place, during which the decision approving the project was made and the construction works started. Machine in its raw shape, but already ready to ride, was finished by the end of April. Taking into consideration the size (3 meters long) and the way the bike was constructed, it’s an exceptionally short time of production. All the basic elements such as fuel tank, frame, suspension, fenders, hand-wheel, were constructed not by subcontractors, but directly by GOC crew. At the end of April Nergal visited GOC workshop and tested Behemoth Bike himself. May was devoted for finishing works and painting.

Unique character of the Behemoth Bike is generated not only by its general look, but also all the elements of Behemoth’s ornamentation implemented into construction, such as:

- front suspension inspired by Nergal’s mask
- band’s logo – Phoenix, crafted into fuel tank
- Thelema hexagram placed on the engine’s casing

For more details visit Game Over Cycles on Facebook.

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