BIF NAKED - Two Outdoor Full Band Rock Shows Announced For Burnstown, Ontario

September 12, 2020, a month ago

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BIF NAKED - Two Outdoor Full Band Rock Shows Announced For Burnstown, Ontario

Canadian rocker Bif Naked has checked in with the following update:

"It is such a massive pleasure for us to get a chance to see our beloved pals at Neat Coffee Shop for very special rock performances through their legendary Shed Sessions, which is their beautiful offering of live music outside. Everyone knows and loves Neat in Burnstown and we are simply thrilled to hang with our Neat Cafe family again! September 25 + 26."

The Neat Coffee Shop has posted the following: 

"Here we go!! We are stoked to announce Bif Naked will be bringing her full band to Burnstown for two rock shows, September 25/26!! We are still encouraging people to buy in groups of 4-10 to ensure we can properly social distance everybody. Tickets on sale now!"

Go to this location for ticket information. Not that the ticket prices include dinner.

Bif Naked recently checked in with the following message:

"I made this video for Support Canadian Venues / Soutenez Nos Scènes because I owe so much to the independent venues and little clubs, and theatres all across Canada. I am grateful that they gave me a chance when I was just a dreamy young artist, hoping to get a shot at a tour. Over the past three decades we have been lucky enough to play each and every venue, big and small, across the country. Join me in signing and sharing petitions and showing support to encourage the government, and that these venues are included in the funding to help the arts as we try and recover from all of the shut downs and safety measures. Please find out more at"

Bif recently released a new single, "Jim", taken from her forthcoming album, Champion. Check out the official video below.

Bif: "'Jim' is a song about loss, really. It’s about that disillusionment we all feel when someone turns into an imposter. 'Jim' is the quintessential story of discovering a betrayal and 'Jim' is that villain. The song is totally about pain, and facing it head-on.

With the video we really wanted to have a triumph over the pain, and take our power back. The running theme in the video, and the song lyrics, is about finding victory over heartache. The theme and esthetic are striking and vibrantly colorful, and that was very deliberate and actually a tease, and a nod to the new album artwork itself. The reverse concept was executed beautifully, and the whole video showcases all the expertise in its very stylistic aggression. It’s a story being told that eventually reveals the truth. Like the truth being revealed that someone’s 'Jim' is really their 'Judas' all along."

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