BLACK SABBATH Guitar Legend Tony Iommi Talks DIO, RANDY RHOADS, ROB HALFORD In New Interview

October 17, 2008, 8 years ago

rob halford dio black sabbath hot flashes news randy rhoads has posted another excerpt from Chris Gill's revealing interview with BLACK SABBATH guitar legend Tony Iommi for the Holiday issue of Guitar World. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Guitar World: How did Ronnie James Dio join Black Sabbath?

Tony Iommi: "I saw Ronnie at a party and we had a chat. I was really in a rut and I knew that I had to do something. We spoke a few more times after that, and after Ozzy left I gave him a call and asked if he’d fancy having a go with the band. We had this house in L.A. where we all lived, and we had set up a studio in the garage. Ronnie came over and we played him one of the riffs we had been working on. When he sang over it we looked at each other and went, 'Bloody hell! This is it.' And it was. I had an idea what it was going to sound like because I had heard all of the stuff Ronnie had done with RAINBOW, but it still was magnificent."

Guitar World: What did you think when you heard the first Ozzy’s Blizzard of Ozz album with Randy Rhoads?

Tony Iommi: "It was quite good. I loved Randy’s playing. I didn’t rush out right away to buy Ozzy’s album because I was into what we were doing at the time. But I was pleased for Ozzy. It was the spark that got him going, and it was exactly what he needed."

Guitar World: In 1997 you were trying to start a project with Rob Halford. Why did that never come to be?

Tony Iommi: "Bob Marlette was doing production for Rob’s band at the time [the Two project with John Lowery, aka John5]. Rob was telling me how good Bob was, and we were going to do something together. When I got over there Rob’s manager decided to put the kibosh on it. He tried to make it seem like I was joining Rob’s band, but that wasn’t quite right. It just didn’t work. Rob is a lovely guy, but we just couldn’t work then because there were too many fingers in the pot. Unfortunately sometimes artists aren’t always allowed to be artists."

To read the entire interview head to this location.

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