BLACKMORE’S NIGHT Singer Candice Night To Guest On Metal On Metal Tonight

November 9, 2012, 2 years ago

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Candice Night, lead vocalist of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT and wife of legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW), will chat live with host Bill Peters on tonight's WJCU Metal On Metal show at 8 PM, EST. Night will discuss the latest Blackmore's Night live release , A Knight In York and her new solo album, Reflections. You can listen to the show, now in its 30th year, live at 88.7 FM in the Cleveland, Ohio area or stream it live worldwide at
"Candice really connected with my listeners the last time she was on the show with me", says Peters. "She has such a positive outlook on life and is very enjoyable to interview. My listeners loved her! She told some very funny off topic stories about her haunted house experiences,in addition to talking about her music. I can't say enough good things about her. "Ritchie and Candice's home was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. They have been without power for many days but she insisted on not canceling or rescheduling the interview. She said she has been looking forward to talking to her fans in Cleveland again."
Blackmore's Night - The Beginning is a documentation about the early period of a musical legend. In the lavish velvet-box you will find the first two Blackmore‘s Night albums, Shadow Of The Moon and Under A Violet Moon, as well as rare video footage of their early tours, Live In Germany 1997-1998, and Under A Violet Moon - Castle Tour 2000. Available for the first time on DVD and only in the The Beginning box. The footage from various concerts from the Shadow Of The Moon and Under A Violet Moon tours is enriched by interviews with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night, as well as backstage footage, rehearsal footage and medieval fight shows. "We live the music“, says Ritchie Blackmore, confirming the impression that this documentation gives every second - Blackmore‘s Night is authentic. The enthusiasm of the musicians captivates the audience and takes them along on a journey through the past. Some of the DVD tracks go from the living room rehearsals to the stage and are impressive proof that the compositions function wonderfully as intimate acoustic versions, as well as with the full band on the big stage. Blackmore‘s Night - The Beginning is a very special release, not only for fans and collectors, for nostalgic or the medieval curious, but for any lover of beautiful timeless music. This extraordinary box provides the owner not only two DVDs with a delightful, interesting and entertaining performances plus two original studio albums of fantastic music, but rather with it is a ticket out of the dreary day to day life, a way to leave everything behind, to relax the soul for a few hours. "Music that moves the soul and takes people into a majestic world." - Blackmore Blackmore‘s Night - The Beginning will be available on the following dates: North America - November 20th Europe - December 7th UK - December 10th
Tracklisting: DVD 1: 'Shadow Of The Moon' 'The Clock Ticks On' 'Play Minstrel Play' 'Minstrel Hall' 'St. Theresa' 'Under A Violet Moon' 'Magical World' 'No Second Chance' '16th Century Greensleeves' 'Renaissance Faire' 'Writing On The Wall' 'Mond Tanz' 'Be Mine Tonight' 'Memmingen' 'Black Night' 'Man On The Silver Mountain' 'Still I'm Sad' 'Maybe Next Time' DVD 2: 'Written In The Stars' 'Morning Star' 'Renaissance Faire' 'Fires At Midnight' (Midnight Acoustic Performance) 'Possum Goes To Prague' 'Under A Violet Moon' 'Spanish Nights' 'Past Time With Good Company' 'Wind In The Willows' 'March The Heroes Home' 'Gone With The Wind' 'Fires At Midnight' (Midnight Acoustic Performance) 'Now & Then' 'Durch Den Wald Zum Bachhaus' CD 1: 'Shadow Of The Moon' 'The Clock Ticks On' 'Be Mine Tonight' 'Play Minstrel Play' 'Ocean Gypsy' 'Minstrel Hall' 'Magical World' 'Writing On The Wall' 'Renaissance Faire' 'Memmingen' 'No Second Chance' 'Mond Tanz' 'Spirit Of The Sea' 'Greensleeves' 'Wish You Were Here' 'Possum's Last Dance' CD 2: 'Under A Violet Moon' 'Castles And Dreams' 'Past Time With Good Company' 'Morning Star' 'Avalon' 'Possum Goes To Prague' 'Wind In The Willows' 'Gone With The Wind' 'Beyond The Sunset' 'March The Heroes Home' 'Spanish Nights ( I Remember It Well)' 'Catherine Howard's Fate' 'Fool's Gold' 'Durch den Wald Zum Bach Haus' 'Now And Then' 'Self Portrait'
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